BabyZen YoYo: Can I please say LIFE SAVERRRRRR. This is one of our most used baby products. The yoyo stroller lives in our car and has made traveling stress free…Well, for the most part.  The stroller has an infant bassinet (Sold Separately) so it can be used from birth, but we just used the car seat adapters which worked out great. WAIT FOR IT…..This lightweight stroller folds down to the size of a big purse and you can throw it over your shoulder, having both hands free!!!! I honestly can’t say enough good things about this bad boy. Yup, pretty sure I stop a few families every trip we take just to spread the good word! Though it is expensive, you only register once and this quality will last. 

Nuna Pippa: This car seat makes both traveling long distances and running out for coffee with friends hassle free. This is one of our most versatile products and I’ll tell you why. The Nuna Pipa can be used without the base using the European belt path, and it’s JUST AS SAFE as using it with the base. I KNOW, RIGHT?! I didn’t believe is at first either, so I jumped on a call with the Nuna safety specialist and it’s a FACT. The European Belt Path is a fancy term for,  you use the seat belt in your car to secure the car seat. A base comes with the car seat so you can install that in your vehicle and never move it. When you travel,  you just leave that heavy clunky base at home! The European belt path is so easy I can strap Charlie into a NYC cab in rush hour traffic under 2 min without breaking a sweat. Now if you are a first time mom, you might not understand how important this is, but the convenience factor is through the ROOF. Yes, I just said that. This is light weight and there’s also a sunshade to help keep all the strangers from reaching for your newborn’s hands…yup! I was just as shocked! Though the Nuna Pipa is light it’s not as light weight as the new Nuna Lite LX carseat, but guess what? The Nuna Lite doesn’t offer the option to use the carseat without the base. There are also other features the Lite does not have. See the chart below so you can choose which would be best for you. 


7 AM Enafant LambPOD, Heather Gey: This is the perfect baby product for those Fall/Winter babies. When Charlie was a newborn, I put the LambPOD in his car seat for those brutally cold winter days and nights. You never want to put bulky clothing or jackets on babies when using a carseat.  That being said, this is a safe option to keep them warm. When Charlie got a little bigger, I transferred the LambPOD to our stroller. During those cold winter months, he didn’t need any extra layers when putting him in his car seat.  This was enough to keep him cozy. I would just unzip it when we got in the car.  Always check that your baby is not overheating when changing temperatures. YES, there are many cheaper options out there, I tried a few….the quality of this is A++++. Get the Small/Medium for 0 – 18 M. 

UPPAbaby Vista, Lioc: The UPPAbaby Vista had a face lift and I’m not judging. The stroller is now, not only the stroller with the best storage capacity on the market,  but it also has that higher end look. The new leather detailing and softer colors aesthetically  take this stroller to the next level. Back to that storage…you can fit a small village underneath this stroller. It’s pretty amazing. I walk to the grocery store each week and fit an entire week of groceries in the storage compartment, no problem. I LOVE the Lioc color and yes, ours still looks white. The Vista can handle a multitude of terrains and converts into a double. If you are thinking about having two kids, throw this on your registry. My other top picks for the colors are the Austin (Hunter), Henry (Blue Marl) , Sabrina (Orchid). Those colors look really nice against the quality of the fabric. No, don’t get black! I know what you are thinking!! Have some fun! 


Halo Bassinest Swivel Sleeper: This makes middle of the night feedings a little bit easier and I would imagine is a must have for women who are having C-sections. The Halo pulls up partially over your mattress and the side even drops down for easy baby lifting. This is as close to co-sleeping as you will get without actually co-sleeping.  If you plan on following the American Academy of Pediatrics new sleep guidelines recommending that babies sleep in their parents’ rooms for at least six months but ideally…wait for it….a FULL year then, this would be a smart investment. Charlie slept in our room for six months, though we did have a one bedroom apartment, so our choices were limited. I really loved having him close for those early months,  but if you are only planning on keeping your baby that close for the first few weeks, then this product is not for you. The Bassinest seems very large for such a small little person, so I would highly recommend an insert. We placed our Dockatot right into the Halo.  It fit perfectly and did the trick. Using the Dockatot also made sleeping in other locations a breeze (more on that later). Halo came out with the Halo Bassinest Newborn insert after Charlie was born which is another good option,  but only can be used until the baby is 15 pounds.

Dockatot: If I had to pick ONE yes ONE must have baby item for the first 0-8 months,  it would be the Dockatot.  No question. At first glance, it’s just a docking station for your baby, it docks your tot. It’s so much more. Your baby has been living and growing in such a cozy tight space for the last 10 months, and they are thrust into our world, gravity and all. The 4th trimester can be tough on everyone, but the Dockatot makes this time period that much easier. The Dockatot creates a womb like space for your baby to lounge, sleep, get his/her diaper changed and even do tummy time! It’s one of the most versatile products on the market. Let’s talk about SLEEP. As a new parent,  I was very worried about SIDS and this product along with the Owlet monitor gave me peace of mind. The Dockatot is breathable, it doesn’t harbor heat, it reinvents the womb, and it’s portable. Maternity leave can be tough and we would frequently escape to my parents’ home for some TLC. I never had to worry about Charlie sleeping in new environments because the Dockatot went wherever we would go. We also didn’t have to haul the pack n play for overnighters. You can place the Dockatot right on the bed for sleep and naptime (until baby starts rolling over) and it’s approved for co-sleeping. I’m not sure if this is proven,  but I also praise the Dockatot for Charlie’s perfectly round dome! Funny how our priorities change in one year. 

SWADDLES: This is a tough one to plan ahead for. Babies have preferences, and those preferences include swaddles. Yes, at first it might seem like they hate them all, but after they get comfortable with them, they are a God sent. I could go on and on about the importance of a swaddle and a white noise maker, but let’s not waste time.  You need them so buy them.  I would buy a few different kinds and try them out. Charlie used your basic muslin blanket swaddle for the first few weeks but soon started breaking out of them. We transitioned to the Summer Infant velcro swaddle & the Ollie swaddle both worked wonders. When Charlie started rolling over, we transitioned to (what I like to call) the flying squirrel swaddle and now he is in the Halo swaddle with his arms out. 


Muslin Aden & Anais swaddle blankets

Summer Infant Velcro swaddle & Ollie swaddle


The Zipadee Zip (The flying Squirrel)  


Halo Sleepsack arms out 

Nest Camera: UPDATED: I still use our nest camera as a nanny cam but I think the subscription fee is high so I now use the Lollipop baby monitor as the in nursery monitor for my babies. Read the full Lillipop baby monitor review, HERE This is a very reliable camera and is especially convenient for parents that work outside of the home. We purchased a bundle of three cameras, so I’m able to see Charlie sleeping, playing and enjoying meals, all on the same nest app on my iphone. I love being able to see and hear Charlie at any time during the day to make sure all is well at home. If you start out with one camera and have another child in the future it’s easy to add cameras. These cameras are very portable and take 2 minutes to set up while traveling as long as there is wifi. *If you want to look back at what was previously recorded, you have to purchase the monthly plan. (We did not do this) 

Owlet: If you are the type of parents that are going to be up every 5 minutes watching to see if your baby’s chest is moving, then this product is for you. If you are not that type of person, then you might not want to spend the extra money.  GUILTY!  I was that person. I didn’t sleep the first few nights that I was home and when I mean didn’t sleep,  I didn’t even shut my eyes and pretend I was sleeping. We purchased the Owlet on day 5.  I got a rush delivery.  I took a breath and I was able to relax. The sock fits right onto the baby’s foot and uses the same safe hospital pulse oximetry technology. It measures both heart rate and oxygen levels. Though it can be used up to 18 months, I only used it for 6 months. The Owlet Smart Sock gave me the security I needed to get through the first few months and I stopped using it when I felt confident enough without it. We NEVER had a false alarm. 


4 moms tub: I’m going to sound like a nervous parent after this registry guide but I swear I’m pretty chill now. I bought this tub because of the digital thermometer which goes off if the water gets too hot or too cold. It’s also the only tub that uses running water so your baby is never sitting in dirty water. Added bonus?! This one’s BIG…you don’t have to have a clean sink to use it. Those first few months can be hard and the dishes are not always going to be clean and away, but that is okay for many reasons, but also because the tub can fit right over a full sink. The water just needs to be able to drain. It’s for babies 0-6 months but we have a small egg and he still uses it. It’s just so much easier then bending over a tub. Again….GUILTY

Bath towels & washcloths: We registered for way too many. I think 5 towels and 10 washcloths are plenty. I love bamboo wash cloths, they are the softest I’ve found. We wash Charlie with our hands but would put a warm washcloth over his body when he was a newborn to keep him warm during bath time. Make sure you register for hooded towels; the animal ones are so cute. 



Keekaroo Peanut Changer: I still don’t understand why companies even sell changing stations with cloth covers. They get peed and pooped on for the first few months and the last thing a new parent needs is one more thing to clean. If you have a boy, there’s a good chance you will be getting peed on! The Keekaroo Peanut Changer is a must have. You wipe it clean. Done. YOU ARE WELCOME.

Ubbi Wipe Dispenser: It does what it’s meant to do. You do not need a wipe warmer. Not only will you set your babies standards too high for on the go changes, but they also breed bacteria.

Pee-pee Teepee: Boy moms, this one’s for you. They work like one in four times, but hey, that’s one less time you will get peed on.

Newborn diapers: Get them through Amazon and use Pampers. They are the best diapers, especially for newborns. Honest diapers are cute and chemical free but they are way too stiff for the first few months.

Wipes: I use both Honest wipes and Waterwipes because they are chemical free.

Butt Paste: We keep it natural and love Boudreaux’s Natural Butt Paste. No diaper rashes here!

Bubula Diaper Pail: I like the look of this guy. It keeps the odor at bay, for the most part, and uses regular garbage bags. No need for special orders for the Bubula. The website says you can also reuse it as a regular garbage pail…(I told the same thing to my bridesmaids about their dresses so I’m not buying it. Neither did they.)

Diaper bag: You can really use any bag paired with plastic zip locks to organize. If you get an expensive diaper bag, just make sure you absolutely love it and that it fits underneath your stroller. I just bought a cheap one and used it for the first 6 months. As my son got older I needed less and less. I now use a kids Roberta Roller Kids Backpack which I happen to love. It works great. 



First few days: Your baby will live in side snap tees and joggers until their umbilical cord falls off. This helps prevent irritation.

Onsies: We then transitioned to front wrap body suits. I found H&M has the softest onsies and I’ve tried them ALL. Added bonus, H&M uses organic cotton jersey which is great, especially for sensitive newborn skin

Caps: Cotton hats are perfect for a newborn’s tiny head,  but just remember to remove them for nighttime sleeping, especially when babies are swaddled. They can cause overheating.   

Socks: Baby socks can drive any new parent CRAZY. I would have to tell you to buy about 30 pairs because you will lose around 20 and 10 seems like plenty, right?  Well, then I found Hanna Anderson socks which happen to be named, Best Ever First Socks and rightfully so. They never fall off. Like ever. So you probably only need 5 pairs.



Cover: I preferred Milk Snob for the 360 degree coverage. I was comfortable both feeding in front of my dad and the stranger on the train, although I probably cared less about the stranger on the train.  It also doubles as a carseat cover, though I used it mostly for feeding.

Boppy: I originally purchased this for breast feeding only to find out my child was a diva and did not like anything under him, though it was still a great investment. I used it as Charlie started to sit up so he had something soft to topple on to and now we use it for all of his diaper changing. He also props his head up on it when he feeds himself his  bottle.  WINNING!

Nipple Balm  Breast Therapy Packs .  Nursing pads: I was one of the lucky ones who rarely needed any of these products, but I have many friends who needed to use all of these on a daily basis. First, always try using your own breastmilk  for any nipple cracking because of the amazing antibodies in your milk. I did try the Bamboobies a few times and they are so soft and so much more comfortable than the disposable ones.  However, I was a sleep deprived new mom and being able to throw out the pad vs. washing was so much more convenient. Keep your receipts for these products and you can always return them if they are not necessary.

 Medela Breast Pump: I went through insurance and paid a little extra for the Freestyle Medela Pump. It’s small but mighty and worked just as well as the hospital pump that I tried. If you will be pumping, the hands free pumping bra is a must. You can also just cut holes out of any sports bra and it works just as well…you’ve seen Mean Girls, right? Didn’t know we would be bringing that one back for motherhood now, did you?

Comotomo Baby Bottles:  These bottles have worked really great for us. I love how soft and squishy they are. The bottle features a silicone nipple that mimics feeding at the breast and eases breast-to-bottle transitioning. The wide-neck design makes for easy dishwasher cleaning, while strategic, leak-free vents are designed to help prevent colic.  They’ve been dishwasher cleaned too many times to count and they still look brand new.



Philips Avent Bottle Warmer: We just started using a bottle warmer.  As long as you plan ahead and get into the habit of popping the bottle in before your baby is screaming his/her head off, then this is a great tool.

Comotomo Baby Bottles:  These bottles have worked really great for us. I love how soft and squishy they are. The bottle features a silicone nipple that mimics feeding at the breast and eases breast-to-bottle transitioning. The wide-neck design makes for easy dishwasher cleaning, while strategic, leak-free vents are designed to help prevent colic.  They’ve been dishwasher cleaned too many times to count and they still look brand new.

Baby Brezza Formula Pro Formula Dispenser: I am a HUGE Baby Brezza fan, so when my friend told me this dispenser is a life changer, I believed her. Perfect temperature & consistency everytime. It uses all bottle sizes and formula brands. 

Bibs: Aden & Anais: I love the size of these bibs. They are big enough to throw over your shoulder and the perfect size to use when your baby starts eating solids. They are so pretty, but I would register for just enough to use when you are out and about and want to show off your trendy mom style. Let’s be REAL at home, it’s a different story and we are all just trying to survive.

Cloth Diapers: I would recommend cloth diapers for daily use (except on your baby’s bottom!) Yes, that’s right, cloth diapers have a myriad of uses and are very durable, absorbent and cheap for spit ups, spills, burp cloths and lots more. You don’t need many because they last forever. These are also great to put down on the Keekaroo Peanut during the cold winter months. I use them for just about anything except for my baby to poop in, because, well, I can hardly handle a blow out now. Though, I do praise any mom going the cloth diaper route, #supermom in my book.



You don’t need much. Here are the essentials…

  1. rectal thermometer

  2. regular thermometer

  3. nail clipper

  4. syringe bulb (we got one during our hospital stay)

  5. Nosefrida Snot Sucker & saline solution

  6. Infant Tylenol

Fridababy’s NoseFrida: I never knew sucking snot out of a child’s nose would be so rewarding, but it is!  Oh, and there’s also the other benefit,  like your child will be able to breathe easily and hopefully get some rest, even when congested.


Fisher-Price Deluxe Newborn Rock ‘n Play: Do you know why so many people go to Hawaii on their honeymoon? Because it’s awesome and this baby product is awesome, too. It is tried and true and has been around forever because it does what it needs to do. It comforts your baby and gives you some time to go to the bathroom and pee. I also love how it doesn’t scream baby with great color selections for the modern mom.

BABYBJORN Bouncer: The seat bounces in response to the movement of your baby which helps develop motor skills and balance in a natural way. It also folds down flat making it a great product to both store and take on the go. There are three reclining positions with many fabrics and colors available.

Dockatot: see above

Nurseryworks Rocker: I love the modern look of this rocker and it’s very comfortable. It looks great in the common area of our apartment and does not scream baby. 

Solly Baby Wrap: Having a baby wrap is so important for bonding, soothing your baby, and having your hands free. This wrap does all of that and it’s easy to use. It also comes in trendy prints. I love that the wrap was created because the founder (a new mom) wanted something comfortable and chic to wear while she could also chase after her toddler.



October 28, 2017