-Your baby will have longer periods of wakefulness as he develops a more regular sleep-wake routine.

– Your baby will enjoy excursions and regular activities, even running errands.

– Your baby will enjoy conversations and interactions with adults and children. Talking with your baby, singing to him, looking him in his eyes will encourage social/language development.

-Your baby will increasingly enjoy activity and social interactions, becoming excited when attention is given to him.

-Your baby should be smiling and cooing, following you with both eyes as you move across the room.

-Your baby should also turn to your voice, bring his hands together, and when held in a standing position, hold his head up more than momentarily. Increasingly, your baby will swing his arms and kick his legs when excited. Though still random and nonspecific, it is an important sign of your baby’s neurological development.

-In the next month or two, your baby will begin to open his hands so that he is able to reach and grab for objects.

– Your baby will start to squeal, laugh, and begin to vocalize a greater variety of sounds.

-By four months of age, your baby will develop better head control, holding his head up for a short period of time when placed in a prone position with his elbows beneath him.


-Breastfed and formula fed babies will begin to develop a more regular feeding schedule. You should begin to see longer stretches between feedings, as your baby is able to eat more efficiently (requiring less time for a feeding) and drinking more at each feeding.

Over the next month, or two, you may want to consider beginning your baby’s last feeding around 10 p.m. Hopefully, if your baby has a long stretch of sleep, it will coincide with your own sleep. (YES!!)

-Most babies will begin cereal between four and six months of age.

-You may offer your baby water between feedings, one to two ounces. Water is beneficial in hot or cold temperatures, when the environment is dry, or even if your baby develops symptoms of a cold.

Two Months

October 27, 2017