News alert, telling your baby to keep their shoes on doesn’t work, but I’m sure I didn’t have to tell you that. There are so many cute options for baby shoes and as much as I would love to think they are all great, they aren’t. As you can see from the photos below, Hunter boots on a one year old are not going to keep your child’s feet dry. How adorable are they though?! I’ve rounded up my top picks for baby shoes that stay on.

Thoughts before purchasing:

What keeps them on? I found both velcro and elastic work best 

What stage is your baby in? Walking vs. crawling

How heavy are the shoes? If your child is starting to walk make sure their shoes are not cumbersome.

Now that Charlie is close to walking, he’s been wearing moccasins, especially while inside. They are soft but give him enough support to help with balance. Freshly picked moccasins are expensive, but they really do stay on. Charlie can go down a jumpy house slide 20 times without a problem.

Final thoughts from Dr. Jay:

“In determining the most appropriate shoes for your child, it is important to consider one which promotes good balance and posture along with comfort. Freshly Picked soft soled moccasins can help your baby’s feet absorb shock and potentially transmit less shock to the foot, leg and back.  In addition, Freshly Picked soft soled moccasins help your baby support his feet, which may provide ankle and arch support without being overly restrictive or uncomfortable.” Dr. Jay Jagannathan, neurosurgeon

I included the Hanna Andersson socks because they were the only things that stayed on Charlie’s feet from 0-3 months. For cold weather outings early on, Zutano Baby booties do the job. The Stan Smiths are great for crawling and never fall off. Converse work well, they have velcro and are light. When your baby begins to show signs of walking my top pick is the Freshly Picked moccasins. 

Other things I can get behind:

  1. A cute graphic tee paired with a soft sweater or scarf

  2. These high waisted jeans which are, oh so comfortable

  3. A great monogram, compliments of Monograms off Madison

  4. A warm baby jacket that is not bulky

  5. Red heads



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November 13, 2017