I’ll be the first to admit, I didn’t get the kitchen gene. My grandmother was a phenominal cook and baker. My family is originally from Chicago, but I grew up in Connecticut. A few weeks before Christmas we would receive what felt like a dozen huge boxes filled to the top with old school, reused, tins with wax paper hanging off the edges. You knew they were the Minnie (my grandma) Christmas cookie edition. There was nothing mini about the packages, though. The variety of Christmas cookies was endless and it would not be Christmas without them

 My mother also got the gene, but not me. I burn pretty much everything I touch. However, my husband is an incredible cook, giving me even more reason to stay away. Ever since I became pregnant with my second, I’ve had this urge to start baking. I’ve found it’s not only satisfying, but it’s such a nice activity to do with my mom. I’m juggling a full time job, while pregnant with a one year old, as you can imagine that quality time is shrinking. So, no matter your age or level of expertise, grab a family member and bake. There’s just something about it that I can’t explain, especially over the holidays. I guess it brings me back to childhood watching my grandmother Minnie dominate the kitchen. 

The only thing I was solely in charge of was baking the pie that ended up being a bit burnt.  I guess you can’t change those genes after all. 

We used a great food52 recipe you can find HERE. The only change we made was we halved the pastry recipe to make one double pie crust. The filling is for one pie as is. 

HERE is a link to the perfect pie tips! I Wish I read this before I burnt this masterpiece. Hint: Put foil around the edges to prevent burning. To those of you who reached out with that advice, thank you!

Tips for baking with a baby: 

Start baking during your babies nap time to get the measuring out of the way

Have pots, pans and spatulas set up on the floor below where you are baking to help make your little one feel included

If working with dough have some play dough ready to go so they can play along 

Have fun and crank up the holiday music 





November 20, 2017