When I find a brand I love, I want to shout it from the mountain tops. Good thing I started a blog. In all seriousness, I stumbled upon the brand FatFace this summer while in Newport, RI., and I fell in love with one of their staple pieces. The FatFace Airlie Sweatshirt is a purchase you will still be wearing in ten years, I’m not kidding. This pullover is produced using industrial strength sewing machines which are needed for its heavy pique fabric. Very few factories in the world can make it making it truly a unique piece. It’s made from a very tough material that is never going to stretch or wear. When I purchased the sweatshirt I’m wearing,  FatFace did not have a women’s line. I’m wearing a mens SMALL. FatFace just released a women’s line with one print. The men’s style has a boxier fit, but either can work! This would also be the perfect gift for any man in your life. I wish you could feel the quality of the fabric. Another bonus is it’s 100% cotton and can be worn all year long.  

Mrs. Nipple tips for layering pieces:

Try and stay in the same color family if you are mixing prints

Mix many different materials and textures, don’t just stick to one

Don’t wear anything too bulky, if you do, keep it to one piece, preferably the last piece 

Have fun with it! 

Things I can get behind: 

  1. A quality piece that will last for years under $100

  2. Layers. Am I the only one that thinks about Shrek everytime I say layers?

  3. Barbour and spending money on traditional pieces that will never go out of style

  4. Stripes year round

  5. Finding the perfect gift for someone


A few more tips around layering from the one and only Lauren Conrad, which if you were born around 1985 you know her as LC. Find her tips HERE

There are slight changes between styles, some have pockets and some do not. The men’s line has a patch detail over the elbow. 

Link for the FatFace men’s Airlie pullover is HERE & the women’s Airlie pullover is HERE





November 21, 2017