Now that Charlie is close to walking, he’s been wearing Freshly Picked moccasins, especially while inside. They are soft but give him enough support to help with balance. Freshly picked moccasins really do stay on. They are the only pair of shoes we own that are both comfortable for him to wear inside/outside and that stay on. I’ve never had to backtrack looking for a lost moccasin.

Freshly Picked has also really evolved as a brand. Gone are the days where they only had that classic moccasin look. Your baby can now get all of the added benefits of a soft sole in many different styles! From Chelsea boots to Mary Janes, they really have a great selection, even some hard sole styles for the older child. Check out the Freshly Picked website on Monday, November 20th, for their black Friday week sale. Everything will be 25% off! 

If you didn’t see my last post on baby shoes then keep on reading!

Here are some things to think about before purchasing baby shoes:

What stage is your baby in? Walking vs. crawling

What keeps them on? velcro and elastic work best 

How heavy are the shoes? If your child is starting to walk make sure their shoes are not cumbersome.

Final thoughts from Dr. Jay:

“In determining the most appropriate shoes for your child, it is important to consider one which promotes good balance and posture along with comfort. Freshly Picked soft soled moccasins can help your baby’s feet absorb shock and potentially transmit less shock to the foot, leg and back.  In addition, Freshly Picked soft soled moccasins help your baby support his feet, which may provide ankle and arch support without being overly restrictive or uncomfortable.” Dr. Jay Jagannathan, neurosurgeon (his children all wear Freshly Picked shoes) 


November 18, 2017