Dockatot Deluxe


If I had to pick ONE yes ONE must have baby item for the first 0-8 months,  it would be the Dockatot.  No question. At first glance, it’s just a docking station for your baby, it docks your tot. It’s so much more though. Your baby has been living and growing in such a cozy tight space for the last 10 months, and they are thrust into our world, gravity and all. The 4th trimester can be tough on everyone, but the Dockatot makes this time period that much easier. The Dockatot creates a womb like space for your baby to lounge, sleep, get his/her diaper changed and even do tummy time! It’s one of the most versatile products on the market. Let’s talk about SLEEP. As a new parent,  I was very worried about SIDS and this product along with the Owlet monitor gave me peace of mind. The Dockatot is breathable, it doesn’t harbor heat, it reinvents the womb, and it’s portable. Maternity leave can be tough and we would frequently escape to my parents’ home for some TLC. I never had to worry about Charlie sleeping in new environments because the Dockatot went wherever we would go. We also didn’t have to haul the pack n play for overnighters. You can place the Dockatot right on the bed for sleep and naptime (until baby starts rolling over) and it’s approved for co-sleeping. I’m not sure if this is proven,  but I also praise the Dockatot for Charlie’s perfectly round dome! Funny how our priorities change in one year. 

Dockatot Grand


 Our son had some trouble transitioning from his bassinet to the crib. We decided to use the Dockatot Deluxe in his crib until he grew out of it around 8 months old. We replaced the Dockatot Deluxe with the Dockatot Grand and he now sleeps in it every night.  The Dockatot Grand will be a lifesaver when we transition our son from the crib to his toddler bed.  Not only is the grand bigger but another difference vs. the Deluxe is the Grand is approved for use in toddler and twin beds. The sides of the Dockatot Grand act as bumpers for your child during the transition into a big kid bed. 


December 4, 2017