BabyZen YoYo: Can I please say LIFE SAVERRRRRR. This is one of our most used baby products. The yoyo stroller lives in our car and has made traveling stress free…Well, for the most part.  The stroller has an infant bassinet (Sold Separately) so it can be used from birth, but we just used the car seat adapters which worked out great. WAIT FOR IT…..This lightweight stroller folds down to the size of a big purse and you can throw it over your shoulder, having both hands free!!!! I honestly can’t say enough good things about this bad boy. Yup, pretty sure I stop a few families every trip we take just to spread the good word! Though it is expensive, you only register once and this quality will last. 

Nuna Pippa: This car seat makes both traveling long distances and running out for coffee with friends hassle free. This is one of our most versatile products and I’ll tell you why. The Nuna Pipa can be used without the base using the European belt path, and it’s JUST AS SAFE as using it with the base. I KNOW, RIGHT?! I didn’t believe is at first either, so I jumped on a call with the Nuna safety specialist and it’s a FACT. The European Belt Path is a fancy term for,  you use the seat belt in your car to secure the car seat. A base comes with the car seat so you can install that in your vehicle and never move it. When you travel,  you just leave that heavy clunky base at home! The European belt path is so easy I can strap Charlie into a NYC cab in rush hour traffic under 2 min without breaking a sweat. Now if you are a first time mom, you might not understand how important this is, but the convenience factor is through the ROOF. Yes, I just said that. This is light weight.  Not as light weight as the new Nuna Lite carseat, but guess what?  The Nuna Lite doesn’t offer this feature so I would never recommend it. Well unless you are never going to need to move it. There’s also a sunshade to help keep all the strangers from reaching for your newborn’s hands…yup! I was just as shocked!

BabyBanZ: Perfect for those crucial naps on the go and attending loud events. They also stay on!

Marpac Dohm Hushh Portable Sound Machine: Crucial for preventing over stimulation during nap times while traveling. This noise maker is small, rechargeable and holds the charge very well.

Dockatot: If I had to pick ONE yes ONE must have baby item for the first 0-8 months,  it would be the Dockatot.  No question. At first glance, it’s just a docking station for your baby, it docks your tot. It’s so much more. Your baby has been living and growing in such a cozy tight space for the last 10 months, and they are thrust into our world, gravity and all. The 4th trimester can be tough on everyone, but the Dockatot makes this time period that much easier. The Dockatot creates a womb like space for your baby to lounge, sleep, get his/her diaper changed and even do tummy time! It’s one of the most versatile products on the market. Let’s talk about SLEEP. As a new parent,  I was very worried about SIDS and this product along with the Owlet monitor gave me peace of mind. The Dockatot is breathable, it doesn’t harbor heat, it reinvents the womb, and it’s portable. Maternity leave can be tough and we would frequently escape to my parents’ home for some TLC. I never had to worry about Charlie sleeping in new environments because the Dockatot went wherever we would go. We also didn’t have to haul the pack n play for overnighters. You can place the Dockatot right on the bed for sleep and naptime (until baby starts rolling over) and it’s approved for co-sleeping. I’m not sure if this is proven,  but I also praise the Dockatot for Charlie’s perfectly round dome! Funny how our priorities change in one year. 

 Gathre Mats: They come in many different sizes, shapes and cool prints. These are great mats that have multiple uses. The mats can be used for diaper changes, at home messy art, for under high chair spills, picnics….you name it! The company even came out with a table cloth line. The mats are made out of leather, can be wiped clean and can be folded.

Ergobaby Baby Carrier: This carrier is ergonomically designed, hence the name, with four carry positions. It’s perfect for those long days filled with walking. Carriers are user friendly and great pieces of gear for traveling with a baby. When it comes to carriers I believe you really need to try them on to decide which gives you the best fit.

Travel Must Haves

October 28, 2017