If you have a healthy pregnancy then flying anytime before you hit 37 weeks is completely safe. If you are traveling later in your pregnancy always check your specific airlines policy regarding flying while pregnant. I’ve been on two very long flights at 6 months pregnant and I highly recommend traveling during the second trimester. With the days of morning sickness and exhaustion hopefully behind you and a new found energy before the third trimester lull, it really is the perfect time for travel. 



DO get a seat at the front of the plane because there is better air circulation (preferably an aisle seat making it easier for those bathroom runs) 

DO get up and walk around every hour to help with the heightened chance of blood clots during pregnancy. 

DO make small movements with your feet and legs while seated to help with blood circulation

DO wear compression stockings which work WONDERS when is comes to combating the nasty side effects of pregnancy. Compression stockings can fight the effects of being inactive, helping your legs stay healthy and lessening the chances of varicose veins, DVT and swelling. They also will improve your comfort levels drastically. 

DO drink plenty of water


AVOID carbonated beverages and anything that can cause excess gas to build up in your stomach both before and during the flight. I made this mistake while pregnant with both seltzer and broccoli, I was in complete discomfort the entire flight. To be safe avoid all foods that encourage intestinal expansion, as the nature of the pressurized airplane cabin promotes further bloating which is heightened while pregnant. This isn’t limited to but includes, fried and super-saturated dishes, and even healthy foods such as onions, cauliflower, cabbage, beans, lentils, broccoli, apples, and kale. 

AVOID tight fitted clothing. I highly recommend sticking to loose fitting or clothing with stretch when flying while pregnant. Even if you are in the second trimester and still squeezing into your non-maternity skinny jeans this might not be the case as you reach a high elevation and your stomach begins to expand. Stick to leggings or joggers and a tunic when in the air. There are enough options these days, you can still look cute while being comfortable. 

AVOID uncomfortable shoes. There is an increased chance of swelling to the legs, feet and ankles while traveling when pregnant. This can be especially heightened when traveling to warm climates.For these reasons opt for comfortable footwear that can expand with your feet if they decide to swell. 

**I figured I would spread the word to help other mothers thinking about flying while pregnant. During my first pregnancy I flew from NY to LA while 6 months pregnant with my skinny jeans (that already didn’t fit) unbuttoned in extreme discomfort from the seltzer water I drank before take off. 


Though the Transportation Safety Administration says it’s safe for all travelers, including pregnant passengers, to go through the agency’s Advanced Imaging Technology and metal detector systems as they do not use x-rays but non-ionizing electromagnetic waves to produce an image I personally always opt for a pat down. 


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December 27, 2017