BABY GEAR , VOL. 1               



  1. Car seat cover

  2. Stroller footmuff

  3. Hats & Gloves

  4. Bunting

  5. Baby carrier cover

  6. Stroller gloves

Car Seat Cover: It’s important to make sure if you do use a car seat cover for warmth that it doesn’t jeopardize the safety of the car seat in any way. Charlie was born in October, and needed that extra warmth during the cold winter months. This was a must have for us. We used the 7 A.M.® Enfant LambPOD Footmuff Cover. It will keep your baby warm during outings and is easy to unzip to prevent over heating while traveling in the car. When your baby is a little older and spending less time in the car seat, you can transfer it right over to the stroller. It has a universal stroller fit. I also linked a few very affordable, traditional car seat covers below.

Stroller Footmuff: 7 A.M.® Enfant Blanket 212 Evolution This will keep your baby warm all winter long. Many strollers make their own footmuffs but most are universal. I used the cover mentioned above for our first winter but will most likely transfer over to this one which will carry us through the next few winters. This footmuff can be used from infancy through preschool and can also fit over a car seat. It’s equipped with zippered length and width extensions, so it really does grow with your child. They also have a ton of really nice colors and prints.

Hats & Gloves: Some women spend money on shoes but I spend my money on Charlie’s hats. He’s a hat guy. Babies in cute hats pretty much melt my heart. If you have an infant the JJ Cole mittens stay on! I linked them below. Look for mittens with no thumb area and an elastic type wrist. 

Bunting: I wouldn’t even bother purchasing jackets for babies under one for the winter months. Bunting is where it’s at! I recommend an ultralight down type bunting. Bunting made out of ultralight down will be on the thinner side and it’s safe to put your baby in the car seat wearing this bunting. I only use a bunting or the car seat cover, not both at the same time. Always check your child for signs of over heating. Here is the link to an Ultralight down bunting. It’s water resistant, and will keep your baby warm without weighing them down. I purchased ours from Baby Gap, but it’s not available yet this season. 

Baby carrier cover: I did not use one of these but they can be beneficial if you plan on having your baby in a carrier most of the winter. I personally think the bunting can work just as well but I’ll link some carrier covers below. 


November 11, 2017