Baby Registry & Babylist 

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Figuring out where to register for your baby can be just as much as a headache as figuring out what items you would like to add to your registry. I really wish I knew about Babylist when I registered for Charlie.

I was very limited to what items I could add to my registry. I could only add the big brand names and all of my favorite items were small brands. Many of these small brand companies are run by actual moms who understand the importance of making life with a new baby easier. They also understand the importance of baby products that don’t necessarily look like baby products.  Being able to add these types of items would have made the gifts at my baby shower more personal and unique.


Babylist makes the journey into parenthood easier and less overwhelming. The Babylist Universal Registry lets you register for everything you need from any store, Yes… ANY STORE. You can even add things to your registry that money can’t buy like home-cooked meals and babysitting help. I could see this being especially helpful if you live far from your extended family. If I had meals set up for the first month after delivery, it would have been a huge weight off of my shoulders. You can even register for cash funds, for something bigger like daycare or nanny expenses. Babylist works like Pinterest. You just use the Add to Babylist browser button to easily add items while you shop. There is also an app for managing your registry on-the-go.



Lifestyle Quiz: Let’s talk about the overwhelming part of registering…. what to actually register for. It’s not as straightforward as you might think. Not sure where to begin? Babylist offers a lifestyle quiz to get a personalized baby registry checklist.

Best of Guides: Babylist also surveys real parents every year to create The Babylist Best Of guides to help you make informed choices. Plus, additional helpful content like Pregnancy Week by Week and Sample Registries give you even more tips on navigating pregnancy and parenthood.


Other things I love….

  • You can add or link your existing registries (if you have one)

  • You will receive price change alerts

  • Babylist offers free personal registry consulting

  • Babylist will send you free registry insert cards for shower invites

  • There is free shipping on orders over $25

  • Babylist is very easy to use

  • You can create private categories for things that you don’t want others to see

  • 10% registry discount before baby arrives


Added Bonus: The Hello Baby Box

If you register at Babylist you can be eligible for a free Hello Baby Box upon setting up your new registry. The Hello Baby Box is filled with product samples and offers from trusted brands. The content of the Hello Baby Box changes each month. What’s really nice about this is sometimes you don’t know what your baby will prefer until he/she tests the product out or what you might prefer as a new mom. The Hello Baby Box samples give you the perfect opportunity to try multiple products. The Hello Baby Box is valued up to $160 including offers. The Hello Baby Box is available only while supplies last and it’s for US residents only.

 Start your Babylist registry today and click here get your free Hello Baby Box!


April 16, 2018