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First, I would like to just say I’m a huge fan of innovative products and technology that make women’s lives easier. I’ve only been using the Bloomlife contraction tracker for a few weeks and it’s been very helpful in understanding what’s going on with my pregnancy. When it comes to something like pregnancy and my body, having information at my fingertips is crucial.  



I started using Bloomlife at 36 weeks pregnant. With my first delivery, I didn’t have any contractions until a day or two before delivery. That hasn’t been the case during this pregnancy. I started experiencing tightness and cramping in my stomach around 37 weeks. The tightness would come and go each day. It wasn’t painful but was just very uncomfortable. I really didn’t feel like dragging my 18 month old to the doctor’s office every time I thought this might be it, so I decided to try out Bloomlife. In a matter of minutes, I was able to confirm if what I was feeling were contractions or not. The Bloomlife was kind of like having a validated second opinion to identify what I was feeling were in fact contractions; it really gave me peace of mind. It’s also so interesting being able to see your contractions in real time on the Bloomlife app. You will not feel all of your contractions, but the Bloomlife monitor still picks them up and displays them on your phone screen. 



I try to be very cautious around what monitors or detectors transmit, especially during pregnancy. 

The Bloomlife has been clinically validated for accuracy and safety. The sensor technology is 100% passive and simply listens and decodes the natural electrical chatter of the muscle without sending any energy into the body. It’s safer than an ultrasound and doppler. 



The Bloomlife smart pregnancy sensor automatically tracks and times contractions and then displays them live right on your phone through the Bloomlife app. I conveniently received the product the day I started feeling contractions and it has been such a relief in interpreting what is going on with my body. An amazing and added bonus, there is absolutely no need for all of the tracking and timing. This product is also extremely user friendly!



There are three parts to the Bloomlife tracker: an app, sensor, and reusable patch. The patch can be taken on and off the body for up to one week. In the rental kit that is shipped to you, you will receive a charger, the sensor, and a pack of reusable patches, each patch lasts around 7 days. All you do is insert the sensor onto the patch and peel back the plastic from the patch to make it sticky. Next, apply the patch at a three finger width below the belly button. Then, download the app which will then calibrate each time you start a reading. You will be able to actually see each contraction in real time. After a one hour session, you can save all of your data right onto the app and store it. For the best readings, it is good to stay seated. Most women order the product for the last six weeks of pregnancy. This is not something you necessarily use for those few hours before delivery. It’s really a preparative learning and connecting tool you should use in the weeks leading up to delivery. I use it every night for 1-2 hours. In addition, many women use Bloomlife as a second opinion when they are deciding whether contractions may simply be Braxton Hicks or indicative of early labor. Bloomlife does all the work for you, tracking contractions and timing them, even the ones you can’t feel. 


What is great about the Bloomlife pregnancy tracker is that it is a $20 per week rental. The rental fee is low and if you use NIPPLE10 you receive 10 percent off per month.

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April 4, 2018