The newest addition of the Ariola clan arrived on Thursday, April 12th at 7:41 pm. He came in very fast, we barely made it to the hospital (more on that later). We decided to take the week as a family, unplug, and soak up these first few early days with our little guy. I wanted to share the exciting news plus some of the first photos we snapped at the hospital. 


Ford William Ariola was born at 8 pounds 5 oz. I still can’t believe he was so big at birth. Charlie was born at 6 pounds 14 oz. 

This is the only shot we have where Charlie and Ford look identical. I’m not sure if it’s his size but other than the side profile they don’t look alike….yet. 

It was a crazy drug free delivery. Ford started breastfeeding like a champ and I was so distracted I had not realized that I broke almost every blood vessel in my face. 


We got a knock on the door and opened it to Charlie just standing there with a baby boy balloon wearing his biggie shirt. My heart melted. 


My mom was over when I started getting contractions. She took Charlie home with her for a few days. She happened to be watching my nieces all weekend so it could not have worked out better. He hung out with his cousins, it was a great distraction and made me feel less guilty about having him meet his new brother and then leaving without us.  


I always thought giving birth would be the most emotional experience in my life. Then my babies met and I can’t even put into words the feelings I felt. So much love and so much guilt all at the same time. From the moment I held Ford I’ll now never look at Charlie the same. He feels like such a big kid now, I still have mixed emotions about that part. Everyone told me this would happen but I didn’t realize how much it would effect me. 

Birth story is coming soon, but for now I’m soaking up all of the newborn snuggles and Charlie time I can get. 

xxx  Mrs. Nipple 

Ford William

April 19, 2018