My recent fall shopping trip & my fall wardrobe staples


Check out a few finds from a recent shopping trip + my fall staples from previous years. I included photos of myself in some of the pieces below each category. At the end you will find all the products.

  1. DENIM:

I wasn’t really on the hunt for denim because I’ll be living in THIS pair for the rest of the fall but I came across the pair of awesome wide leg cropped jeans below. I fell in love. They look great with a pair of cool sneakers or booties. I’ve never purchased a pair of jeans this cheap and I’m so impressed. I would say they are true to size and need be washed often because they do stretch out. You can shop them below under denim.


Ok this is what I was really on the hunt for. H&M did not disappoint. I’m not sure if they changed some things around at manufacturing but the quality seemed much better than previous years. I tried on and purchased all of the sweaters below. I love every single one. I love the look of a chunky sweater tucked into wide leg jeans like the ones above.

3. VEST: My favorite purchase from last fall was this really cool long sweater vest. Also perfect for breastfeeding. I was pretty upset because it sold out right after I bought it and I wanted to buy it in one more color. I have the green/navy reversible vest and the tan is on my wish list.


ALL WEATHER WEDGE BOOTIES: I love my pair of all weather wedge booties. I bought them in black but also love the brown. I wore them all fall/winter long and they still look great.

RAIN BOOTS: I bought my first pair of Hunter rain boots ever last year. I basically waited so long because I think they are pretty ugly. I just hate when you walk in them and they bend and change shape in the strangest ways. That’s until I found the ultimate Hunter rain boot. The Norris Field Neoprene Lined Hunter Rain Boot. These are your average hunter boots on crack. They are made from a new soft rubber compound that maintains strength, while being flexible to allow ease of movement. Meaning your legs wont look like they are made out of play dough. You can find my full review of them, HERE.

BOOTIES: These booties are my favorite for fall. They wore beautifully and I can’t wait to rock them again this year. Last year they sold out very quickly so I would grab these ASAP. You can shop them, below.

OVER THE KNEE BOOTS: OBSESSED. So obsessed. I’ve been looking for a good over the knee boot for years and I can’t wait to pair these with beautiful flowey dresses and skirts. I wore them through last fall and they are still looking great. WORTH the price tag.

WEDGE SNEAKER: I love this camo print wedge sneaker.


RAIN JACKET: I bought this for Ireland and it did not disappoint. I absolutely love the material, it holds it shape perfectly no matter what. You will look completely tailored in this rain jacket, even when it’s pouring buckets.

SUADE JACKET: I love everything about my Blank NYC suede jacket. Black for the winter brown for the fall. It’s such a great staple that won’t go out of style.

LIGHT WEIGHT JACKET: I’m not a brand person but my Barbour jacket was such a good purchase. It is so sharp looking. I still love it just as much as the day I bought it.

COAT: You know that one piece of clothing people stop you in the street about? I bought a J. Crew color block coat a few years ago and I cant tell you how many times I’ve been stopped about it. The navy coat below is up there is my opinion with my color block coat. I plan on ordering it soon as sizes are running low.

SKIRTS: This classic faux suede skirt with buttons up the center looks so great with the over the knee boots above. I also love the flowey flower print skirt you can rock it with booties or sneakers and a chunky sweater with a slight tuck. perfection!

DRESSES: I love a flowey dress with over the knee boots and a fall vest or chunky sweater/cardigan. You can find some pictures of ones I wore last fall below. I can’t find my favorite from last year but this is similar, HERE.

HATS: I love hat attack for everything hats. You can find my favorites below.

DUDLEY STEPHENS will be my new go to for everything fall this year. I’ve been wearing my pull over and new bomber a ton. check back on Thursday for an awesome collaboration.










September 18, 2018