Hospital checklist for mom

You really don’t need much! I overpacked with Charlie and my hospital bag looks much different this time around. Here are my top picks:

  • Something personal: Everything at the hospital is very sterile, something you obviously want. Though during such a personal time, it’s nice to bring something special of your own. A pretty hospital gown that doesn’t make you feel like a giant or a patient is always a good idea. I’m currently loving the Ingrid & Isabel x James Foxx Co. hospital gown. It’s so pretty and feminine, it even has an adjustable waist! I think the flower printed one is perfect for those first photos with your baby. You can find the Ingrid & Isabel x James Foxx Co. hospital gown, HERE.

  • Electronics: Phone, camera, ipad & chargers. You could be at the hospital for a while even before you deliver. Having some movies downloaded onto an ipad is always a good way to pass the time.

  • Toiletries: Make up, blow dryer, body wash, face wash, shampoo/conditioner, lip balm etc. Keep the lip balm handy, your lips can tend to run on the dry side during labor. After deliver, you will want to feel like yourself again. Bringing these items from home will help you feel a little more refreshed after such a physically exhausting experience.

  • For the Boobs: A bra without underwire & breastfeeding pads: I hardly wore a bra at the hospital but it’s nice to have one, especially if you are leaking. I attached some nursing bras below.

  • For your feet: Slippers, flip flops, and cozy socks with treds. Anything that will make you feel as comfortable and cozy as possible post shower after delivery.

  • Clothing after delivery: Comfort is key. Bring loose fitting clothing that will keep your upper body as accessible as possible. Nursing tops and robes work best. Cozy sweat pants, pajama pants, leggings, robes and tank tops are a must.

  • Birth plan: If you create a birth plan, make sure to review it with your doctor around 30 weeks pregnant and then again closer to delivery. Print several copies and hang on the door. Make sure your doula/midwife, nurses, doctor and anyone else who communicates and cares for you will be certain to see it. This is especially important if you are not finding out the gender ahead of time. I’ve heard too many stories of doctors or nurses inadvertently revealing the gender of the baby right before delivery.

  • Going home outfit: Just remember you will still have a bump and will most likely still be in maternity clothing. Many say your bump will be the size it was when you were around 6 months pregnant. Bring some loose comfy clothes for the ride home.

  • Snacks: Not all hospitals have lobster dinners, but believe it or not Greenwich hospital does! In any event, be prepared for hospital food. Unless you have delivery options close by, bring some snacks you enjoy!

  • Others: photo ID, Insurance card, credit card, cash. Basically, don’t forget your wallet.


  • Ingrid & Isabel x James Foxx Co. hospital gown, you can find it, HERE

  • Phone, camera, ipad, chargers, memory card

  • Make up, blow dryer, body wash, face wash, shampoo/conditioner, lip balm

  • Nursing bra & breastfeeding pads

  • Car seat with base installed a few weeks before your due date

  • Going home outfit for baby

  • Warm blanket for the ride home for baby

  • Some hospitals offer photography. Don’t forget a nice blanket and hat for photos

  • cozy socks with treds X2

  • flip flops for the shower

  • slippers to wear post delivery

  • nursing tank top X2

  • Robe/pajama pants set

  • nursing top

  • leggings

  • going home outfit

  • you can also just bring sweat pants and a zip up sweatshirt (whatever YOU feel most comfortable in)

Hospital checklist for baby

  1. Your baby’s car seat. Make sure your base is installed ahead of time. The hospital will not let you leave without a properly installed car seat.

  2. A nice blanket and hat for photos. I personally love the classic hospital hat and receiving blanket. However, some hospitals have professional photographers, in which case you may want to pack some personal baby items.

  3. A going home outfit. Make sure to bring both a Newborn size and a 0-3 size. Many doctors predictions of the babies weight can be off.

  4. Packed diaper bag that you can leave in the car for the ride home.

A few things to point out:

The hospital gave me a HUGE bag of recovery items which lasted weeks. Don’t be afraid to ask for extra items. 

The disposable underwear at the hospital are so comfortable, no need to bring your own

I wouldn’t bring any of your baby products, nursing pillow, etc. because you will have to wash everything when you get home and you can live without those items for a few days. 




April 2, 2018