The Instant Pot & The Great Debate 



I posted a survey on instagram last week around getting an Instant Pot. I had many people contact me to share the results. You can find all of the comments I received below. 

81 % GO FOR IT 

– “Best kitchen gadget ever!”


-“Yes!! It’s amazing, awesome for quick dinners and people (like me 😂) who forget to meal prep or take things out of the freezer to defrost. Makes your meals taste like they’ve been cooking slow and low all day, you can even do a whole roast in this bad boy! Even homemade yogurt, like, what?! But wait, there’s more! Broths, soups, curries, shredded chicken for tacos enchiladas BBQ sandwiches…okay I’m done now…go buy one! I have a crockpot and never use it”

– “Have one and it’s pretty awesome but, the novelty wore off and now it’s just in the pantry 😆”

-“Yesssss it’s my absolute fave kitchen appliance”

-“It’s amazing!”

– “Ohh my god. I can’t even with this thing. It changes lives.”

– “I can’t say enough good things!!!!!!”

-“Yes they’re amazinggggggg”

-“very easy to use and very easy clean up” 

-“I like that on my crazy days it’s a bucket of my life I don’t have to think about. Just pop the stuff in and let it go” 



-“I have one and seem to be he only one that is “meh”. Full disclosure I need to research more but right now it’s almost like a glorified slow cooker. Meaning, it’s the same recipes as I would in a slow cooker because you need liquid .. but just a little less time. But you still need to cook things for an hour sometimes so I don’t really think it has changed my routine that much? Don’t know if that makes sense”

– “Have one and it’s pretty awesome but, the novelty wore off and now it’s just in the pantry 😆”



InstaNT pot & The Great Debate

February 13, 2018