I’m the queen of comfort that looks cute! These linen joggers are not only extremely comfortable but also a versatile piece. You can dress them up or down! Most importantly…..they are ultra slimming. I’m 145 pounds in the picture above and have 20 pounds to drop from just delivering my son. You can hardly tell! Wearing clothing that hits you in all the right places is key. It’s been almost three weeks since these were shot and I have not lost one pound. I have been focusing on eating healthy and exercising but hormones are king! When my body is ready I will start shedding the weight, but for now I’m paying extra close attention to how my clothing fits. 


-CREATE A WAIST: Sometimes your body can get lost in oversized tops. Unless you are at your happy weight this can make you look larger instead of smaller. Try tucking in a small area of the top in the front to create a waist. 

-COVER AREAS YOU ARE SELF CONSCIOUS ABOUT AND EXPOSE AREAS YOU ARE PROUD OF: I’m not loving my lower stomach area, upper thighs, and upper arms right now but it’s getting hot so I needed to get creative. I chose joggers because they sit above my lower stomach and hit me in all the right places. To cover my upper arms I threw on a jean jacket that is just sitting over my outfit. 

-FIT IS KEY: Where clothing sits on your body can make all the difference in the world. Pants that are loose throughout the leg and tight at the ankle have an ultra slimming effect. I’ll be living in this linen pair all summer long. 

You can find the Joggers (they come in 4 colors), HERE

You can find the jean jacket, HERE.

You can find the perfect white tee, HERE.

You can find the sneakers, HERE

You can find the sunglasses, HERE. 


June 6, 2018