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I have a feeling if you are reading this then you are either a new or expecting mama so CONGRATULATIONS! I’m going to be sharing a few of my favorite registry items along with some mamlogues of how these products help me bond with my boys.

Two issues that stand in the way of bonding with my babies is when they are over stimulated or colicky so these products help with those two issues. If I were to recreate my registry these would be top on the list.


First, the Phillips Avent anti-colic bottle. Not all babies will be colicky. My first wasn’t but my second had all the signs of colic and was very fussy. He ended up actually being diagnosed with a lip & tongue tie at 2.5 months. When Ford (my second) would feed he would get air in his little tummy which is very painful. This bottle helps limit the amount of air that gets into a babies stomach during feedings and therefore helps with colic. It’s not a bad idea to have a few of these bottles on hand just incase you too end up having a colicky baby. In my experience my favorite memories of bonding with my boys are when they are happy! This will help get you that happy baby if he/she is sensitive to extra air in their tummies. You can find these bottles, HERE. 

Second, a sleep cover! This was a lifesaver. I’m not a mama that likes being inside all day prisoner to my boys nap schedule. That being said my boys do have strict nap schedules because they are happiest when they get their sleep. This cover has a universal fit. It actually fits on every stroller (umbrella & full size) even on bassinets! It creates the perfect sleep environment. It blocks out 97% of light, it’s completely breathable and has UV protection. Whether I have errands to run or we are at the beach this beach cover is my go-to. Since young babies can not wear sunscreen I like using this all summer long. You can find it, HERE.  This sleep cover paired with this travel noise maker make the perfect pair. You can find the travel size noise maker, HERE. These two products help create balance in our relationship. Finding ways to to create a peaceful sleep environment for your kids on the go is very helpful.

Last but not least, my favorite on the go play mat. This play mat is perfect to use until your babies start walking. It folds up into a bag for easy transport! This is one of my favorite travel items. You unfold it and all of your toys are right on the mat! You can find it, HERE. Some babies get bored when you are at lunch or events…even at the airport. This is so fun for babies. When we travel I put new toys in the bag so it’s a surprise when I open the bag and the new toys are sitting there….it also helps keep the boys occupied.

You can watch the video below to see all the items! I run through each one. Head over to instagram to comment on what products helped you bond with your babies and share your #mamalogues


July 19, 2018