Charlie and I have been going to Music Together since he’s been 6 months old, so he’s practically grown up there. From day one, I have been very impressed with this sensory stimulation program of singing, dancing, and playing, not to mention the amazingly talented teachers. Charlie’s teacher Miss Chris is not only super talented but makes everyone feel like family with her natural warmth and gentleness. The kids love her!

Music Together is not only a fun place for children, it’s also a great place to meet mommy friends. The first time Charlie and I went, I have to admit,  I had not one mom friend. At the end of our first class, one of the moms, whose daughter was around the same age as Charlie, asked if I’d like to take a walk and go for coffee.  Actually, what she really said was, “You look normal. Want to go for coffee?” After coffee we ended up going on a walk with some of her other mom friends. Charlie is now almost 2 years old and I’m still friends with some of the moms. I can’t tell you how important it was for me, after being cooped up all winter with a new baby, to finally connect with other moms and Music Together was the place where that happened for me. 

They offer classes all over Fairfield county and in 3,000 communities around the world. There is also a very flexible “make up” feature. If you miss a class you can make it up another day during the week. If you want to drop in to an additional class during the week that is ok as well (as long as it’s not full). You can check out the Music Together website, HERE to find a class near you. HERE, are the CT & NY class schedules. You can find some savings that are being offered for the Greenwich CT location below. 

Early Bird Savings:

Register for all 3 semesters, Summer, Summer Mini and Fall and save $30 with code: PICK3

Register for any 2 semesters and save $25 with code: PICK2

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June 3, 2018