Product Pick of the Week, Newton Mattress


Do you remember the video I posted on Friday night of Charlie “dancing?” He thinking he is dancing but he is actually just spinning. Our Friday night dance party wrapped up at 6 pm. Fast forward to 7 pm, when we heard screams coming from his nursery only to find Charlie projectile vomiting all over his crib!! We are taking a break from music at the Nipple household for a while. 

Dealing with a poor baby vomiting is not only sad, but it’s so much work juggling the mess and the babe. That’s why I’m highlighting The Newton Baby Crib Mattress as my product spotlight of the week. When your child gets sick all you have to do is simply unzip the mattress cover and throw it in the wash. The actual mattress, the Wovenaire┬« core is made of 90% free air – yes, air and 10% safe food-grade polymer. You can throw the mattress right in the shower or bath and just wipe it down. 

One of the main reasons I bought the mattress for Charlie is that it is breathable. The Newton Baby Crib mattress has an innovative design which allows air to flow freely for optimal breathability and temperature regulation.  100 Percent breathable, washable, recyclable and free of toxins!!!   The material is very cool! It’s also Greenguard Gold certified, which means no off-gassing, toxic chemicals or allergens. The mattress has two stages so will last through the toddler years. 

You do not need sheets if you buy the Newton Mattress. If you do decide to throw a fitted sheet over the mattress, make sure the sheet is made out of a breathable material.  A muslin sheet is a wonderful option since muslin is a finely woven breathable fabric.  I love the Aden and Anais muslin sheets because they are not only breathable but come in a variety of very fun prints.

You can find the mattress, HERE


March 14, 2018