Leggings for the NEW mamas

It is not only important to wear some support around your midsection after delivery,  but it also can do wonders for your confidence. Having clothing that holds you in during those first few weeks and months can make all the difference in the world. I use a variety of items including high-rise underwear with built in support, a belly wrap, and high waisted compression leggings. I linked the underwear below, however I received the belly wrap at the hospital. My leggings are not postpartum specific but just leggings I purchased pre-pregnancy that happen to have a good amount of support in the abdominal region.

Research is now showing that pretty much every woman will have some degree of diastasis recti (that pooch that doesn’t disappear when your baby weight does). It also leads to strangers asking you when you are due… while you are holding your 3 year old!!  Studies show that the first 8 weeks after your baby is born is when any spontaneous healing of the abdominal wall occurs. Beyond the 8 weeks, change can be made with exercise. I believe the abdomen needs some help as it heal and extra support around the stomach offers this. 

Learn more about the dreaded diastasis recti, HERE. 

My Postpartum Go-to Items 

For all of the leggings below, I was wearing my pre-baby size. These are the most comfortable leggings ever. I purchased them before I became pregnant and have worn them through both of my pregnancies and postpartum. I love that they are high waisted. They are supportive but still soft and comfortable. They come in cropped and full length. These are a go to of mine. Shop them, HERE. 

For something with even more support, THESE offer a high waist + zoned compression. They really provide support focusing on all the right areas. I have very similar ones and they really help make me feel more confident during those first few weeks post baby.

Here’s a pair of super high rise leggings to give you even more support in the abdominal region. Shop them, HERE. 

Check out other options below that offer high rise support that you will also be able to wear once you get your pre-baby body back. I also added a pair of high rise underwear, a belly wrap, nursing bras, and some beauty products that come in handy during those first few weeks. 


April 25, 2018