Halo Bassinest Swivel Sleeper: This makes middle of the night feedings a little bit easier and I would imagine is a must have for women who are having C-sections. The Halo pulls up partially over your mattress and the side even drops down for easy baby lifting. If you plan on following the American Academy of Pediatrics new sleep guidelines recommending that babies sleep in their parents’ rooms for at least six months but ideally…wait for it….a FULL year then, this would be a smart investment. Charlie slept in our room for six months, though we did have a one bedroom apartment, so our choices were limited. I really loved having him close for those early months,  but if you are only planning on keeping your baby that close for the first few weeks, then this product is not for you. The Bassinest seems very large for such a small little person, so I would highly recommend an insert. Halo came out with the Halo Bassinest Newborn insert after Charlie was born which is another good option,  but only can be used until the baby is 15 pounds.


 DockATot® is a multi-functional lounging, playing, chilling, resting and snuggling dock you can take anywhere. If I had to pick ONE yes ONE must have baby item for the first 0-8 months,  it would be the Dockatot.  No question. At first glance, it’s just a docking station for your baby, it docks your tot. It’s so much more. Your baby has been living and growing in such a cozy tight space for the last 10 months, and they are thrust into our world, gravity and all. The 4th trimester can be tough on everyone, but the Dockatot makes this time period that much easier. The Dockatot creates a womb like space for your baby to lounge, sleep, get his/her diaper changed and even do tummy time! It’s one of the most versatile products on the market. 

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To see my full DockAtot review with photos, click HERE

SWADDLES: This is a tough one to plan ahead for. Babies have preferences, and those preferences include swaddles. Yes, at first it might seem like they hate them all, but after they get comfortable with them, they are a God sent. I could go on and on about the importance of a swaddle and a white noise maker, but let’s not waste time.  You need them so buy them.  I would buy a few different kinds and try them out. Charlie used your basic muslin blanket swaddle for the first few weeks but soon started breaking out of them. We transitioned to the Summer Infant velcro swaddle & the Ollie swaddle both worked wonders. When Charlie started rolling over, we transitioned to (what I like to call) the flying squirrel swaddle and now he is in the Halo swaddle with his arms out. 


Muslin Aden & Anais swaddle blankets

Summer Infant Velcro swaddle & Ollie swaddle


The Zipadee Zip (The flying Squirrel)  


Halo Sleepsack arms out 

Nest Camera: This is a very reliable camera and is especially convenient for parents that work outside of the home. We purchased a bundle of three cameras, so I’m able to see Charlie sleeping, playing and enjoying meals, all on the same nest app on my iphone. I love being able to see and hear Charlie at any time during the day to make sure all is well at home. If you start out with one camera and have another child in the future it’s easy to add cameras. These cameras are very portable and take 2 minutes to set up while traveling as long as there is wifi. *If you want to look back at what was previously recorded, you have to purchase the monthly plan. (We did not do this) 

Owlet: If you are the type of parents that are going to be up every 5 minutes watching to see if your baby’s chest is moving, then this product is for you. If you are not that type of person, then you might not want to spend the extra money.  GUILTY!  I was that person. I didn’t sleep the first few nights that I was home and when I mean didn’t sleep,  I didn’t even shut my eyes and pretend I was sleeping. We purchased the Owlet on day 5.  I got a rush delivery.  I took a breath and I was able to relax. The sock fits right onto the baby’s foot and uses the same safe hospital pulse oximetry technology. It measures both heart rate and oxygen levels. Though it can be used up to 18 months, I only used it for 6 months. The Owlet Smart Sock gave me the security I needed to get through the first few months and I stopped using it when I felt confident enough without it. We NEVER had a false alarm. 


Babyletto Crib: I love the Babyletto crib from Land of Nod.  Buying a crib is such a personal choice. One thing to decide before you start looking is if you want a convertible crib. These types of cribs convert into toddler beds and will grow with your child.

Newton Breathable Crib Mattress: I would recommend spending the extra $  for a breathable mattress. Why take any chances?  The Newton Breathable Crib mattress has an innovative design which allows air to flow freely for optimal breathability and temperature regulation.  100 Percent breathable, washable, recyclable and free of toxins!!!  If your child throws up or has a blow out on the mattress, you simply throw the cover in the wash and wash the actual mattress right in the tub. The material is very cool!

Crib fitted sheet:  You do not need sheets if you buy the Newton Mattress. If you do decide to throw a fitted sheet over the mattress, make sure it’s made out of a breathable material.  A muslin sheet is a wonderful option since muslin is a finely woven breathable fabric.  I love the Aden and Anais muslin sheets because they are not only breathable but come in a variety of very fun prints.

Halo SleepSack:  This is a really great swaddle to use as your baby grows. Our son has been using it for the last 4 months. The wrap offers the feeling of security while the option for arms in or out as your baby grows really makes this swaddle last. 

Dockatot Grand:  The Grand can be used from 9-36 months. This is a great product to use for the crib to bed transition. The Dockatot Grand will be a lifesaver when we transition our son from the crib to his toddler bed. For $10 off, click HERE

Natursutten:  Our son did not use a pacifier until he was 3 months old. We decided to wait, so he would satisfy his sucking urges by breastfeeding. He was an underweight infant so any extra calories were welcomed. It is such a personal decision. From around 8 months on, he now only uses it at night and on rare occasions, during the day.  If and when you use a pacifier, I absolutely LOVE Natursutten. They are 100 percent natural, made from pure natural rubber from a Hevea  Brasiliensis tree. They are softer than silicone and are molded into one piece. This is so important because there are no joints or cracks where dirt and bacteria could accumulate. Your little one is going to be sucking on this thing all day and potentially all night long, so I would recommend choosing the brand you use very carefully.

Marpac Dohm Sound Machine:  We have not one but two sound machines in our little ones room.  We use this machine and The HoMedics Sound Spa sound machine. I would not have it any other way and highly recommend using a sound machine for your baby.

For the full Mrs. Nipple Registry guide 0-3 months, click HERE. 3-9 months, click HERE. 


April 27, 2018