Life Update & The Nipples 

As if our lives weren’t crazy enough with two under two and only nine weeks postpartum, we decided it was long past due to take the plunge and buy our first home.

If you have been following our family story, you are aware that it has taken us quite a long time to find what will hopefully be our forever home.

With my love for homes that are at least 100 years old dripping with character, and my husband’s preference for anything that doesn’t require a handyman, it should come as no surprise that it took 3 years to find something we both love.

I’ve mastered the art of house hunting while breast-feeding a newborn, chasing a toddler, and  taking a house tour during contractions. Those days are finally over. I’m really not sure what we’re going to do with all of our free weekends since they were previously filled with countless hours on Zillow and many many open houses. 

It’s been three years since Ray changed jobs and we relocated from NYC to Greenwich, CT. We had assumed that we would only be in our apartment for a short time since we had every intention of moving into a house.  However, living on Greenwich Ave. proved to be the perfect transition for us, as we were being weaned from our city lifestyle. With everything at our fingertips, we rarely needed a car, except for our evening visits to Tod’s Point. 

Charlie also loved living on the Avenue. He  had a ring side seat watching every car and truck parading down the street.  So we weren’t totally shocked that his first word was truck! But with the birth of Ford, we outgrew our apartment overnight. 

Though I never knew how overwhelming the home buying process could be, I’m so happy that our change of address is now set in stone. 

We officially moved into our new home yesterday. We’ve been working nonstop to get as settled as possible before Charlie returns on Saturday after spending a week with his grandparents. I’m beginning to realize that those “free weekends” will now be filled with furniture shopping and decorating as we begin to call New Canaan home.


The Nipple’s Family Update

June 29, 2018