If you just started following along on my skin journey I ended up in Dr. Robinson’s office when I noticed an extreme jump in aging. It was for obvious reasons. Two under two, babies will do it to you. I was taking care of everyone in my life except myself and it was starting to show. I always told myself to be proactive with skincare but at this point I felt like if I didn’t act soon the proactive thing was going to be a lost cause. My issues were wrinkles (deep ones between my eyes a.k.a. the 11 lines), texture, redness, and uneven skin tone. Dr. Robinson put together a series of treatments to try and combat my concerns. Aging can mean different things to different people. For me my main concern was the lack of a natural glow. I miss that youthful glow I had back in the day and honestly if I had to pick the thing that is the most important to me it’s not the wrinkles, it’s that glow. Though, yes, the 11 lines do drive me crazy as well. I just want smooth glowing skin. Is that too much for a mama to ask for!? I think not.

I decided to do three treatments to help battle my issues. Picosure treatments, Vampire facials and a small amount of botox on my forehead.


Dr. Robinson’s summary of the Picosure treatment: “This laser treatment is highly customizable to each patient’s skin and goals. It’s a great option for patients who don’t want downtime but are looking to improve their skin and reduce signs of aging. The laser uses highly targeted energy delivered in a trillionth of a second to break up areas of pigment (freckles, sunspots) while causing minimal injury to the skin, which triggers the body’s natural response to produce new collagen. It is a great treatment for fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, and can also be used for tattoo removal.” 

Mrs. Nipples summary: This is a great treatment not only for the many benefits but it’s a very quick treatment for those busy moms that need to be in and out. I was just a little pink post procedure so there’s virtually no downtime. I do recommend making sure you use numbing cream before each treatment so I head in about 30 minutes before my session. After I’m nice and numb it’s then a quick 15 minute session followed by 5-10 minutes with an ice pack. I haven’t finished my package of treatments but I will be sharing the results when I do. Bonus: It’s breastfeeding friendly!


Dr. Robinson’s summary of the Vampire facial: “The Vampire Facial refers to the process of micro needling the face (creating small holes in the skin) and then applying a patent PRP (platelet-rich-plasma) overtop to sink in. To create the PRP, we draw the patient’s blood, spin it down in a centrifuge to isolate the platelets. This treatment is most effective when done in a series and is great for overall skin rejuvenation, treatment of texture, and fine lines.”

Mrs. Nipples summary: I’m loving the immediate results I see with my vampire facial also known as the PRP facial. I also think it’s a super interesting treatment. The doctor draws blood for the facial, hence the name. They then spin the blood to separate the platelets and plasma from the red blood cells. The liquid that is then applied to your face is the platelet-rich plasma. The dated way of performing the facial is to put the blood on the patients face as well. New studies show the benefits lay in the platelet-rich plasma and that is why it is now separated. The platelet-rich plasma is applied onto your face during microneedling so it can penetrate your skin. I did not find this treatment painful at all. The microneedling basically permeates the skin with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and in turn it stimulates collagen and elastin fibers to promote cell turnover. This is also a great treatment for moms as it is packed with benefits with no downtime and is all done during a short office visit. I’m still mid package with this one but I already can highly recommend it. Bonus: It’s breastfeeding friendly!


Dr. Robinson’s summary of Botox: “Botox is a neuromodulator (Dysport and Xeomin are other options in this same category). Botox can be used for lines, wrinkles and facial sculpting. It can be used preventatively in light doses to prevent deep wrinkles from developing. It can be used for people who have already developed wrinkles to smooth the area and prevent them from worsening. The treatment works by blocking nerve impulses to the muscles that create these movements, causing them to relax which will soften your expressions and reduce your wrinkles. They can also work to soften and sculpt the face and neck by decreasing unwanted muscle mass. It can also be used for medical conditions like Migraines and Excessive Sweating.”

Dr. Robinson’s summary around the safety of Botox: “Botox is safe when injected by a qualified and experienced board certified dermatologist. Botox is a drug made from a neurotoxin produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum called botulinum toxin. What we inject is a highly diluted version of this toxin, it stays where it is injected, but even if it entered your bloodstream, the cosmetic doses (typically less than 100 units) used are significantly lower than the toxic dose that would be harmful systemically (2,500-3,000 units).”

Mrs. Nipple’s summary: I know there are many of us that might hide their love for botox. I don’t really see the big deal. I feel by women not being honest and open with other women about the work they have done can set unrealistic expectation for other women. There should be no shame in the botox game.

Though yes I used to be one of the women that was like whaaattttttttt???? Never!

I had two treatments of botox before Charlie was conceived, both used as preventative measures. The first time I had a small amount injected into my forehead and loved it. No one noticed, not even my own mother. I think the secret is putting just enough for preventative measures but not too much that it looks like you had work done. I went in 6 months later and had a little more injected along with a small injection around my eyes. I honestly did not like the results when I had it done to my eyes. I would smile and feel like my eyes looked hallow. I felt like I couldn’t smile with my eyes….if that makes sense. (This was most likely due to the Doctor that injected it, which was before I found Modern Dermatology) I really loved the results I saw by having it done to my forehead. It was quick and it really wasn’t that painful at all. There is also basically minimal downtime, I just had slight bumps where the injection site was and they went down soon after.

I was planning on doing a small amount of botox on my forehead after Charlie was done breastfeeding but I found out I was pregnant when I was just 10 months postpartum. That plan was put on hold and my lines between my eyes have only continued to get deeper. So here I am again a few years later counting down the days. I breastfeed my babies until they turn one so I will wait until Ford is one for my treatment. I think some people, especially men think of the completely frozen plastic look when they think of botox or the overfilled over botoxed look you might see on a Bravo reality show. This is not what I’m referring to here. I think botox can go undetected when it is used correctly by an expert to keep the natural look of a persons face or when it is used as a preventative measure.

I also would like to point out there is so much beauty in aging and I’m in no way telling you that you need botox if you have wrinkles. My mom has never done anything to her skin and has such a beautiful complexion. It is such a personal decision. I’m just giving you what is some useful information so you can make your own choice.

ICE QUEEN: disclaimer

IMPORTANT: Remember, just don’t over do it. I don’t like the frozen look for many reasons, one it looks so unnatural, two the more important one…human connection. Human connection is so important and without being able to make facial expressions based on how you are feeling when speaking to your children or others in many ways can change the way you process emotions. Studies suggest, that when you can’t physically express your emotions, you feel less emotion. Again along with that it also just looks unnatural and processed. What are your feelings towards botox? Go comment on my latest post and share!

Q & A

HAVE YOU EVER DONE FILLERS OR ANY OTHER COSMETIC PROCEDURES: I have not had fillers and it’s not something I plan to do. I also have never had any other cosmetic procedures.

DO YOU STILL HAVE BOTOX IN YOUR FACE: Nope, I don’t. I have not had it in over three years. Botox only lasts around 3 months and I had it done 4 years ago.

WOULD YOU RECOMMEND BOTOX: Honestly I wouldn’t get it done if you are very young. I got it done too early in my opinion. I only had a few very very fine lines and I didn’t really need it. I was 29 years old and thought I was getting it as a preventative measure. The problem with that is Botox only lasts a few months so 4 years later, two babies, pronounced 11 lines and no botox left in my face, I kind of felt like I flushed that money down the toilet.


March 1, 2019