treating your child’s curly hair

When Charlie started sprouting ringlets, we were not surprised. I grew up with extremely curly hair….even curlier than Charlies! Since both Ray and I had curly hair, I was most surprised that Ford’s hair looks like it’s going to be straight.

Caring for curly hair is very different than taking care of straight hair, so for all you straight-haired mamas with curly-haired children, this article is for you!



We do not wash Charlie’s hair every day. You don’t want to over shampoo curly hair because it usually needs all the natural moisture it can get. We only wash his hair with shampoo 3-4 times (at the most) per week, and the other days if we get his hair wet, I only put conditioner in it. We use special curly hair shampoo, (This company had some bad press about some peoples hair falling out so I will update with new products soon)  HERE, and a special conditioner, HERE. When you apply the conditioner, try and run your fingers through each section of the hair vs. using a brush. If you do this often throughout the week, you will find yourself having to brush your child’s hair less and less. If you do need to comb the hair, I would recommend a wide-tooth comb like THIS. Our exact comb is sold out but the one above is very similar. Only comb when hair it’s wet. If you’re still struggling with knots, then try this product, HERE.

When your child is done in the tub or shower, dry hair using a t-shirt or a microfiber towel, do not use a traditional cloth. A t-shirt or microfiber towel will help enhance the curl shape while a regular towel will create frizz. You can find our towel HERE.

We’ve been washing his hair in the tub then giving him our I-phone and combing in his room. He sits in our lap and will actually let us get every knot out. It’s the only thing that has worked for us.

We brought Charlie to the curly hair salon a used to go to when I wore my hair curly. Though yes, it’s expensive, I thought it would be nice to see so many people with curly hair in one space. It’s also his first haircut in three years, so the splurge was worth it. They cut his hair dry curl by curl based on his specific curl pattern and head shape. If you have curly hair, I highly recommend going to Devachan at least once. Every time I went, my curls would “come back to life.” You can find their site HERE.

What’s cool is if you don’t live near NYC you can find a Devacurl trained specialist near you by going to this link, HERE. I just found this on their site and popped in a Chicago zip code to test it out! Sure enough, a bunch of stylists in Chicago popped up as Devacurl trained.

These are all products I loved using for my own curly hair as well, including this diffuser, HERE. It pops right onto your blow dryer and does wonders for your curls.

I hope this helps tame your little one’s mane!!

Disclaimer: These products do not say tear-free, but Charlies has never complained about his eyes when using these products


Mrs. Nipple

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October 14, 2019