Mrs. Nipple picks for the moms

Here are my top picks for the moms. I included the gifts I myself would love to receive. When it comes to gifting your mom or your wife something personal, something cozy, something pretty, something to make her feel good, and something to remember were all forefront when thinking about the perfect picks. I also didn’t want to overwhelm you. That’s why I narrowed it down to my top FOUR picks.

Something Personal.

Haverhill Collection. Specifically their birthstone necklaces. I think there’s something so special about wearing little reminders of your children on yourself. This only gets more important with time, as you are with them less and less….(insert tear). A very meaningful gift that would be perfect for the holidays are the Haverhill birthstone necklaces and bracelets. I have both the necklace and the bracelets with the boys birthstones and Babs has the necklace with 4 birthstones for my siblings and myself. I went with the single stone bracelets because I wanted to layer them and included the Mia bracelet (a plain gold chain) and necklace for layering. HERE is the birthstone necklace and HERE is the birthstone bracelet. HERE is the plain chain necklace and HERE is the plain chain bracelet. I was able to partner with them to offer you MRSN15 for 15 percent off your order.

Something cozy.

Dudley Stephens. Every mom needs to feel comfortable and cozy, and so do her kids. When you gift a mom this cozy fleece everyone wins. Here are my two favorite picks for the moms. THIS fleece which has a longer cut and is great for leggings and THIS fleece which is best for jeans, and also looks great with a front tuck. Every mom wants one of these, trust me. Go with the Vello fleece. If you can’t decide on cut then go with the shorter one.

Something to remember.

This time of year is hard for many, especially ones that have lost moms of their own. I know many of us have memories of our moms cooking around the holidays, smells of their favorite recipes filling the house. I know you many of you would give anything to have those moments back. Not only would a piece from the Haverhill collection be a wonderful option with your mothers birthstone, but another option for the moms that were or are big bakers + cooks would be THIS wooden board with your mom’s favorite recipe etched into it. It can be done in their actual handwriting. Just send in a recipe card and they will take it and transfer it to the cutting board.

Something BIG to share.

I feel like every single way to announce you’re pregnant has been done. Take your mom by surprise this Christmas by wrapping one of THESE old school Reel Viewers. You can send in your photos and it takes 5 days to make your very own reel. Wrap it up with a card that says watch me for a special surprise. You can include 7 photos. Baby pictures of her kids with your ultrasound at the end could be so cute…or even the words MEET . YOUR. NEW. GRANDBABY. COMING. FEB 2020 all on different screens could be so special. I love this because when kids get older they love hearing stories of when they were babies. It would be so fun for them to be able to see exactly how you shared the news of their little miracle of a life with your family.

gift guide for the moms …. the young ones the older ones and all the ones in-between

December 3, 2019