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Dying your hair yourself can feel overwhelming, but at this point in my life, it is my only option. I have been blessed with Irish genes and with those genes comes gray hair that can start sprouting for some as early as high school. I’m not nearly ready to go gray all the way, but I’m also not prepared to spend $$ on a sitter and spend half my day going to a salon either. My only option is to do it myself.

I get balayage highlights and continue to do that with a professional, Raquel, from Salan H in Greenwich. For my roots, I dye them every three weeks at home, during nap time. At first, I was terrified, and then after my first try, I was HOOKED. It’s easy I’ve done it six times and have not had any issues!

First step:  Getting your color matched by a professional. You can call up any salon and see which uses the INOA line. I really like how this color looks and that it’s ammonia free. Have the hair dresser dye your hair and ask which shade they used. The color can be made up of a few different color tubes. All you have to do is mix the color evenly. If there are two tubes, then mix the two tubes of color 1:1 in your mixing bowl.

Second step: Add the developer. You then match the amount of color dye to the amount of developer 1:1. Don’t stress over this part too much. I eyeball it.

For example, and here is my color + the steps: Your hairdresser tells you she used INOA by L’Oreal Paris 7.17 and INOA by L’Oreal 7/7n colors for your hair. That’s two separate tubes. You put 1/2 parts of the 7.17 color, 1/2 parts of the 7/7 color and one serving of the developer.

Third step: Apply to roots and make sure to cover all the gray. I put it on the area with the worst grays, usually the top of my head and then start on the sides right above my ears and work up. Next, I pull my hair back and saturate the hair around my face.

Fourth step: Let the color sit for 35-40 minutes. I need to leave it on for at least 40 minutes to get good coverage. 

Fifth step: Put conditioner over your ends, so when you rinse color does not get on the rest of your hair.

Sixth step: Shower! Shampoo + conditioner. Scrub your hair well. Sometimes it might take two washes so get all of the colors out.

That’s it! Find the products I used below, including my IGTV video tutorial, HERE

Here are some products I use to extend my color. My hair tends to get brassy and warm so I use purple shampoo and a mask to extend the life of my highlights. Purple based products really cut any warmth and extend the life of your color significantly. I use the Bumble + Bumble crayon to hide the occasional grays. That’s my favorite product for covering grays because you can really pin point them. That product also does not get on your hands when you touch your hair. The Rita Hazan spray offers really great coverage when your gray hair is out of control! Just don’t touch your hair or the color will be smeared all over your hands.

If you end dying your hair send me a pic!!


The Nap Time Salon


September 25, 2019