The need to read articles this week by @KatieCassman_

Sharing our new series which fellow blogger Katie Cassman from Chicago is running. Each week she rounds-up her favorite trending articles in the mom world and shares them with me! They get the Mrs. Nipple stamp of approval + are posted on the Mrs. Nipple blog every Monday! Excited to share the first weekly round-up with you!

Click on any of the below titles to read the articles

1) 15 dreamy getaways for people who want to warm up this winter

The trick to hosting a better party

The best gifts to give your sister for the holidays

20 baby names that’ll be trendy in 10 years

Why you should host a holiday used book exchange

6) How to make cooking with kids fun for everyone

10 ingredients to always have in your kitchen for last minute meals

8 home design trends to look forward to in 2020

Good news: your Christmas tress isn’t hurting the environment

Get better skin by next week with these 9 beauty foods

Mrs. Nipple’s Weekly Round-ups

December 3, 2019