October art by Purple Zebra Art

Kicking off a really fun monthly art series!! I’m so excited to introduce Veronica @PurpleZebraArt, for all things art with the kiddos. Each month I will be sharing art ideas and a week later we will be testing them out! Feel free to order your supplies now and try these activities out with us!

Simple low-cost ideas to keep your children inspired this Fall

Maybe because I didn’t grow up with seasons I am simply in love with Fall and all the colors and creativity it inspires. When I think of activities to keep my son and children I work with engaged I always go back to SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL SETUPS. It’s kind of my mantra when working with little ones. Children love real tools and environments that are prepared and inviting.

For children 3 and under

Pumpkin Washing

Find a few different sizes and colored pumpkins, and place in a shallow bucket (See below TIP). to make it more inviting. The younger members of the family will use brushes or sponges, and dish soap, and spend time scrubbing the pumpkins. TIP – Go to Home Depot or Lowes and buy this large drain pan and PVC plug (https://www.homedepot.com/p/The-Plumber-s-Choice-26-in-Aluminum-Water-Heater-Drain-Pan-26AWHP/309163038) its like a portable sensory table at low cost. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Charlotte-Pipe-1-2-in-PVC-Sch-40-Plug-PVC-02113-0600HD/203850340 to avoid spills!

Hammering Pumpkins

Our most favorite toddler activity for sure! We use golf tees and wooden mallets to avoid any accidents! To go the extra mile use glow in the dark golf tees for nighttime display. The set up is simple, use a tray, a medium-sized pumpkin, golf tees, and mallets. For younger children start a few golf tees and role models the hammering. You will be surprised at how long children can engage in this activity.

Dot Stickers and Mini Pumpkins

We like to buy the white pumpkins for this craft but you can also spray paint orange pumpkins white. And you will need circle stickers, we love neon ones! Teach your child how to pull off the stickers and encourage them to keep adding more layers.

Fall Rice

Last but not least our “messy” activity that every toddler just loves! You will need white rice, food coloring, ziplock bags, a big bin or our beloved drain pan and a few small pumpkins to decorate. First, divide the rice into three bags. Add a few drops of yellow in one, orange in the second and red in the third. Close the bags tight and shake. Let it dry overnight in the pan and voila. This sensory pan is sure to inspire play among your young audience. For added fun include a few measuring cups!

For children 3 and up

Nature Walk and Collage

It may sound simple but this can actually turn into a whole science expedition. We like to take mini hikes and collect rocks, sticks and leaves. I can’t think of a better season to try this one out. We usually fill our pockets with the findings and come home to sort them (math), name them (vocabulary) and use them in art and creative play. The flat things we like to “collage” on clear contact paper. One book I strongly suggest reading before or after the hike is “Because of an Acorn” by Lola Schaefer.

Hammering Pumpkins Plus Rubber Bands

Just like for younger children hammering a pumpkin is also engaging for older children. I am a true believer that children deserve real tools to work with. You will need a pumpkin, rubber bands, lightweight hammers, nails, and safety goggles! The possibilities here are endless.

Pumpkins and Chalk Markers

When families asked me for recommendations to decorate pumpkins I always try to find the most “mess free” media. Not everyone welcomes paint in their house as much as we do – haha! Chalk markers are the ideal tool. They come in bright colors, and they stick to the pumpkin skin making smooth marks. They are very rewarding for children to use and look fantastic.

Tic Tac Toe Pumpkins

Who does not love a good tic tac toe game outside in the driveway? I like that this activity also teaches children strategy and patience. You will need chalk to draw your board, 5 mini orange pumpkins and 5 mini white pumpkins. Have FUN!

Lastly a whole family activity! Find a pumpkin, cut it open and let children scoop out all the guts and seeds. Children love washing the seeds, baking them and especially eating them! Warning this might be the messiest and most fun one!

A big thanks to Veronica for so much October art fun!!!

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october art

October 13, 2019