Dressing in anything but yoga pants and loose fitted tops can be daunting during those first six months postpartum. Breastfeeding specific clothing can be quite the investment. I personally shopped for breastfeeding friendly clothing that was not specifically designed for breastfeeding, so I could save money. I also was a little underwhelmed by the clothing specifically designed for breastfeeding.

Summer can be a difficult time to breastfeed in public because most of us live in dresses during these months. Unfortunately with dresses, sticking your child up the dress is pretty much off limits so the only way to feed would be pulling the top of the dress down, which could result in stretching the dress out. That’s why for casual dresses, I look for dresses that button from the chest up. These dresses give the best access without ruining the dress.

The dress below is one of the best breastfeeding dresses I’ve found. You don’t even need a cover when you breastfeed because you can basically fit your entire child’s head right under the unbuttoned portion of the dress. It also covers some common postpartum problem areas such as arms + thighs. Best part?! It’s fully lined and still comes in at under $100. You can find it, HERE. I am wearing a small and I had plenty of room.


Here are other breastfeeding friendly options. Some are two pieces that look like dresses so you can breastfeed under the top + the rest are button downs. I want to be clear that I only can 100 percent recommend the one I own + I have not seen the dresses below in person.


June 18, 2019