Each meal is an event, each day an adventure, each night a celebration. It is simply stunning, majestic in its breathtaking setting, gracious in its delivery and so very original…a place like no other.”


A few weeks ago we experienced the trip of a lifetime and it was driving distance from our home in New Canaan, CT. Just five hours away, though the Adirondacks, was somewhere I had never been. Our plan for a summer kid free getaway of a few nights was going to consist of a quick trip to Nantucket. As Ray and I thought more about what we wanted to experience during our time away together, the number one thing was relaxing together, something we rarely experience these days. Nantucket is beautiful but the week after 4th of July is very busy and didn’t fit the bill. However, I was very hesitant to do the Adirondacks. Ray talked me into it and I’m so glad he did!

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Ray and I believe that it’s really important for our marriage to occasionally take some get away time for just the two of us. This type of mini vacation gives us time to reconnect as a couple and give some TLC to our relationship which happens to be the foundation of our family. If we are not heathy and strong as a team, then parenting and offering the kids a happy home can be difficult. Every couple has certain topics that can set off fireworks. These topics can create stress in your relationship, the last thing you need on vacation. We have a date night + vacation rule: No speaking about these topics during either. It’s not that I am recommending to not address obstacles in your relationship, but I am saying there is a time and a place. A kid free parent vacation is sacred because for us they do not happen that often. Keeping it fun and lighthearted is at the top of our agenda. Another rule we try to implement is going to a no kids property. The last thing we want is to be reminded that we left our kids behind. Not seeing babies and toddlers really helps us disconnect during our guilt free getaway.

When Ray stumbled upon The Point online, I knew it was a perfect fit. For us, quality is always valued over quantity during kid free getaways. We have a lot less time for these trips now that we are parents. Our 10 day vacations pre kids are now 3-4 days long, so we need to make the most of them. The Point is also an adult only property. Insert thumbs up emoji here 🙂


A week prior to our trip, I received a call from The Point. I remember being incredibly excited the moment I hung up the phone. I forgot what it was like to be truly taken care of as a mom of two young children. Our conversation went something like this:

The Point: “Hi, Mrs. Ariola. We are looking forward to your stay. We wanted to get an understanding of the activities you might be interested in. We have many on the property, but we can make absolutely anything happen. You name it and we will look into meeting your needs.”

ME: hmmmmmm… What do you have? (I was a little thrown off. It’s been so long since I’ve been able to just “play” in life).

The Point: Archery, fishing, waterskiing/wake boarding , axe throwing, also we can arrange a private lunch on an island, or take one of our wooden electric boats and have a picnic right on the boat. If the weather is bad, we also have an alcove boat you can dine on.”

ME: (mouth and eyes wide open) Are you serious? All of the above!!!!

The Point: Wonderful. What kinds of special food or alcohol would you like to have? We can bring in almost anything, so if there are any specifics you can let me know.

ME: BLTs + Mezcal? ( I mean I was clearly put on the spot lol, it’s been a long time since I’ve been catered to)

The Point: Wonderful. Just to let you know, we do have black tie, multi course dinners on Wednesday and Fridays. We look forward to seeing you.

I remember hanging up the phone and thinking WOW!! This place is going to be pretty freaking special. I felt such a feeling of warmth come over me. Probably similar to how a seven year old feels the night before Disney.


When we arrived, we immediately knew we were at an incredibly special place. We played it cool for our mini tour of the property and Upper Saranac Lake. However, the moment our camp guide left our room, we looked at each other and mouthed, O.M.G.!!!

The Point was built by the Rockefeller family as a 75 acre secluded woodland retreat during the era of the Adirondack Great Camps. Today, it is the perfect balance of rustic simplicity and extraordinary luxury. The Point is designated as Forbes only 5-star resort in Upstate New York and is a Relais & Chateaux property. Stepping onto the property at The Point like walking onto a Ralph Lauren styled shoot. The quality of service is something I’ve never experienced in my life. There is no detail that is overlooked. Think Dirty Dancing + Ralph Lauren + The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel all in one property. The property only has 11 rooms and we had our own “camp guide” that made sure we were taken care of around the clock. Absolutely anything we wanted to do, our camp guide made happen in a matter of minutes. “Oh wait you rather have rose champagne, no problem brb.” We met some of the other guests, all of whom were lovely. Ages ranged from people in their 30’s all the way to 80 year olds. We all connected over a beautiful seven course black tie dinner.

The magnificent guest rooms are housed in four log buildings on the peaceful wooded shore of Upper Saranac Lake. The Point is a study in delicious contrasts: exceptional meals, blazing campfires at the edge of the lake, artworks and antiques, snowshoes and skis for winter exploration of the magical white forest, and so much more. Enjoy gourmet picnic excursions, journeys through the rippling waters in gleaming mahogany boats, and a staff that organizes each day according to the pleasure of the guests. It is truly a gem.


Things we loved: We felt like we were on someone’s estate which had such a warm positive energy. It was extremely laid back. Most guests were in bathing suits and shorts or sweatshirts later in the day. I was definitely dressed up compared to others. We could order anything from the kitchen at any time of day and the chef encouraged guests to come stop by to check out what was being prepared. (The food was incredible – using my NYC standards) We had a guide that made our time there effortless. We had so much fun!! The type of fun you had when you were a child, just good old carefree fun. Kick the can, ghost in the graveyard fun which we both agreed, we had not experienced in years. 

The setting is incredible. Upper Saranac Lake is easily the most beautiful lake I’ve been on. I’m the mom that stays out at the pool and ocean most of the summer. Ray does the “water” parenting. One day at the point and this mama was wake boarding, wake surfing, rock jumping, and rope swinging. Because of the small close knit feeling The Point offers, we felt like we were having a private experience during most of our stay. Lastly, we loved the staff. We felt like we were hanging out with our friends during every interaction.

I would recommend The Point a million times over. Though you might shy away from the price, it included absolutely everything you heart desires and is worth every penny. Now I just need to go back for the fall and winter!

“Enjoy hot toddies by a roaring fire or champagne from the fully stocked ice-bar on the lake while gathered around a crackling bon fire.

A winter wonderland quilted in snow turns the wooded forest and historic buildings into a magical quiet of natural beauty. Cross-country skis and snowshoes help guests take a path into a world of white, while on the frozen lake, ice skating, curling and ice fishing are iconic pleasures.

Once inside, winter remains outdoors while the welcoming, blazing fires, classic movies, mulled or red wines, darts, cards, or pool are thoroughly enjoyed. Winter days may be short, but the longer nights allow ample time for great food, wine, music, laughter and camaraderie.”


Lastly, (two examples of the extraordinary service in this non- tipping property)

1) I mentioned where we were staying prior to our time at The Point (the other property was an hour away) during our initial phone conversation. I could not find my sandals prior to our trip so I ordered a pair of sandals which arrived at The Point a day early. The Point hand delivered the sandals all the way to the other property, so I could get them immediately.

2) Ray mentioned to me that we would need to get gas on the way out. Much to our surprise, when our car was delivered to us from valet for the trip home our empty tank was completely FULL. We both looked at eachother and shook our heads in disbelief. We left with a full meal for the road and full hearts ready to reembrace our little munchkins!

We fell in love with The Point and hope to return one day soon.


Mrs. Nipple

Activities we enjoyed:

Sleeping in


relaxing on a hammock

Touring the lake on the house Hacker Craft

Taking a boat out ourselves to go rock jumping

Water sports: wake boarding + wake surfing

Taking a boat to a picnic on a private island with 2 bottles of champagne + tacos (my favorite) + warm cookies

Black tie seven course meal (incredible)



Picnic on an electric wooden boat

Reading on an electric wooden boat

what I wore during our kid free vacation

The Jeans I wore; HERE, HERE, + HERE


Not everything is available so my looks on vacation inspired these alternatives


July 31, 2019