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I know many of the more traditional preschools are moving more towards outdoor play because of the current COVID situation. Knowing my boys go to nature-based preschool definitely made me feel at ease about sending them back this fall. Last year they probably spent 50/60 percent of their day outdoors, and this year that is moving to 80/90 percent. Yes, that includes pouring rain and snow. The only time they will not be able to be outdoors is if there is thunder/lightning. I’m sure more of the traditional based programs might not go from 10 percent to 80 percent of time outdoors, but I know many will spend significantly more time outdoors. Whether it’s 10 percent or 70 percent, your child needs the right gear to feel comfortable and have fun. After researching what the Finland, Sweden brands and parents are doing, I picked up on things American parents might not know. Some might include layering is essential, but with the RIGHT materials, the fit is so important to make sure their gear is not restrictive, and rain gear is key! It’s not all about the snow. I will be doing a post on winter gear in a few weeks when the new lines are released, but let’s start with fall gear. When I pick Charlie up from school many times, he is covered in mud head to toe. Making sure he can explore but still stay dry and be comfortable is critical.

This is the typical list all Scandinavian parents get when signing their kids up for pre-school:

Base layer (merino wool) (Base layer)

Tubes leggings (mid-layer)

Fleece Jacket or a thick wool sweater (mid-layer)

Polyester wind pants or rain suit (rain jacket + rain paints w/straps) (top layer)

Wind jacket (top/shell layer)

Down jacket (top/shell layer)

Snow pants or snowsuit (top/shell layer)

Balaclava/or neck warmer 



Rain mittens 

For base layers I love Ella’s wool. I’ll share more in my next post but the boys wore Ella’s wool base layers and tube leggings last year. They will fit for a few years, are great quality, and are great for mobility. Here is a link to the base layers and tube knit leggings, HERE . You can use code MrsNipple for 10 percent off through Dec.

For everything rain gear + snow we are going with Reima, HERE.

Reima has been around for 75 years. “Having an active, happy childhood isn´t about sport or achievement, but the simple joy of movement, of exploring, discovering and asking, where next? This is why, for 75 years, we’ve had our hearts set on one thing: to create clothes for that let kids live curiously, whatever the weather.”

I wanted a company that understood what kids need for gear when it comes to outdoor play and Reima had it ALL from rain to snow gear and everything in-between. Reima is that brand!! I will share more in stories but here is what I am using for the boys for the fall from Reima in bold but any of the below are perfect.

  • raingear:

    • Jacket – Lampi

    • Pants – Lammikko and either Varsi or Kaura

    • Gloves – Puro or Kura

    • Hat – Rainy

    • Boots – Taika

    • light jacket or jumpsuit

      • Jacket – Dahl, Holm, or Voyager

        • OR

      • Jumpsuit – Hauho

    • 1 baselayer

      • Kinsei, Parvin, Taival, or Oloisa

    • 1 pair of all-weather shoes

      • Patter Wash or Wetter Wash

    • Sneakers, socks, and caps,

Layering guide for babies


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August 26, 2020