As a native Chicagoan and former owner of a restaurant specializing in Chicago dawgs, I had to celebrate National Hot Dog Day with a DIY Chicago hot dog you can make at home.

step 1) Look for an all beef hotdog, skin on. That part is super important so it has that snap when you bite into it. Vienna hotdogs are the only ones to use for a true Chicago style hotdog but since we are far from Chicago the above will do.

step 2) Boil hot dogs for 5 minutes in a pot of water.

Step 3) For the last two minutes put a steamer over the pot with the hot dog buns to get them nice and soft

step 4) Remove buns, spread outside lightly with butter and sprinkle with poppy seeds. All Chicago hotdogs have poppy seed buns. Again impossible to find outside of Chicago.

Step 5) Place hot dog in bun

step 6) Drizzle with yellow mustard, NEVER KETCHUP. Cover with relish, minced sweet onion, two plum tomato slices, kosher pickle, and sprinkle with celery salt.

step 7) Enjoy! My kind of Dog!

Chicago style hotdog

July 28, 2020