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I always knew my mom needed to be part of Mrs. Nipple. We launched Brunch with Babs at the beginning of the year. My mom and I did a few interviews, but we wanted to find out a way she could be part of Mrs.Nipple in her own way. I can’t tell you how many messages I receive from women that are part of this community that find so much comfort in seeing my mom on stories. I feel lucky to have my mom in my life and wanted to share her love for motherhood + family. 

If you read my previous blog post, then you know Babs spent some time with us a few months into quarantine. It was during this time that we thought of a fun way for Babs to join Mrs. Nipple in her own way……a cooking show on TikTok! Not just for 13-year-olds after all 🙂 We felt like it was the perfect way to have her join the blog and spread her love for cooking. Nothing says mother and grandmother like sharing both family and new recipes. My mother has both Italian + Lebanese roots, so for her cooking is LIFE, LOVE + FAMILY.

Not only will Babs have a column on the blog, with all of her family recipes and stories, named Brunch with Babs, but she also has a cooking show on TikTok called Cooking with Babs. She has shared 81 of her favorite recipes, with some videos getting over 1 million views. She receives so many messages of how she brings brightness to people’s lives through TikTok, so she decided to continue to share her favorite recipes with all, even post quarantine.

Just today a Mrs. Nipple follower that found her on TikTok replied,

“I stumbled upon her account and watch it every time that I miss my mom. Truly the greatest TikTok star. Please tell that I love her kitchen content, but even more than that, I love her genuine spirit and joy. It makes me want to hug my mom! You’re so lucky to have her, and I’m so grateful that you share her with us 🙂 “

(I know there is some controversy going on with Tiktok right now, but if you are already on the app you can find her cooking channel by searching CookingwithBabs or you can click HERE)

Happy cooking

Bab’s officially joins Mrs. Nipple

July 15, 2020