My picks for kids masks

I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to seeing littles in masks, but we’ve tried a bunch, and here are few we like. Also, answering the big Q, “How do I get my littles to keep these things on?!” We have that issue as well at times with Charlie. Something that has been working for us is that I tell him he can’t come into places with me. I still don’t let him come inside most places, but when I need to bring him somewhere, he’s so excited that he offers to wear his mask. I know that is not an option for everyone, but that has been working for us. Since Ford is only two, he does not need to wear a mask, and when we are outdoors, we keep our distance from others and I do not have Charlie wear a mask. That’s why we choose to have him wear a mask only while indoors in public and that balance seems to be working.


This black and white one is a classic, it was his first mask. I like that it has kept its shape, is secure, and does not fall off. We have matching ones and this print goes with everything. shop, HERE. 

I spotted this one on a child in Martha’s Vineyard and asked the mom where it was from. I like that theres a filter you can slip in, the super soft breathable fabric, and the fit. It’s a good one. Shop, HERE.

This is our newest one. I thought the strap on the back was a genius idea but with Charlie’s curly hair it’s been a little problematic. I also think he might need a bigger head for it to work well. For kids that have short hair whose masks fall off it could be a good option! It did’t work for us but still thought I would include. They are out of our print. Shop, HERE.

The next one I plan to try out is this one , HERE.

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July 14, 2020