THE MOTIF LUNA BREAST PUMP by Abigail Dixon of Team Nipple

For most breastfeeding moms, pumping becomes a necessity at some point. In years past, pumps were unwieldy, loud, and uncomfortable but lucky for today’s moms, science has provided pumps that are quieter, more comfortable, more efficient and far more portable. The Motif Luna happens to be one of those pumps. In a recent comparison test conducted by C+R Research, 5 out of 6 moms got more milk in less time with the Luna and 9 out of 10 moms preferred the Luna over their current pump.


Here is the pump review from Abigail, a mom who has battled supply issues, oral ties, and needing to be away from her baby.

1. Most insurance companies will cover the cost of a Motif Luna completely versus only some of the cost for similar pumps from other brands. This is a super important one! With so much baby gear out there things can get expensive…FAST. It’s nice to know the Luna can be covered by insurance.

2. The suction cover is much easier to place and remove than that of other pumps. For those moms who need to pump only one side, this double electric pump has a suction cover that is very easy to place and remove. It is made of plastic and not silicon, making it easy to grip and remove!

3. The Luna is whisper quiet. This will make pumping in offices, planes, and wherever a mom may need to pump far easier and less disruptive. This is key when thinking about using a pump. You can have the most portable pump out there but if it sounds like a loud machine is stuck under your top it doesn’t do much good.

4. The Motif Luna is lightweight and compact making it ideal for moms who need to take their pump to different places. This was a huge benefit for me personally as I did not have to lug a massive pump bag around. The Luna still requires being plugged into the wall, or there is a car adaptor available for purchase. If more portability is a necessity, or plugs are not readily available, external battery packs are easily purchased, which would make the Luna fully portable.

5. Pump accessories are widely available, inexpensive, and interchangeable with many pumps on the market. Also, most wide neck bottles will fit without adapters to the flange.

6. The Luna has a night-light making those imperative middle of the night pumping sessions far less intrusive and more pleasant since there is no need to turn on a bed lamp or overhead light!

7. The digital display on the Luna makes it easy to figure out which suction settings work best and are most comfortable. It also makes it easy to keep track of how long each pump session is.

8. The Luna has both a massage/letdown feature and an expression feature which is great because sometimes when milk flow slows, putting the pump back into letdown/massage mode can elicit another letdown which means more milk!

Overall, Motif made a great product with the Luna pump, so I’m not surprised it was named a finalist for the JPMA Innovation Awards. It is a great option for working moms, those living in small spaces, those on a tight budget, and those who want a quiet, pleasant, easy to use pump. You can find the pump, HERE.



January 28, 2020