Baby # T H R E E

We are pregnant.

It’s crazy because we knew we really wanted a third, but I think after having two close in age, 18 months apart, we were just….tired. I grew up one of four, but I was the youngest. My sister was the closest in age to me, and she was four years older. I always wished I had a sibling closer in age to grow up with. Many times growing up, I felt like an only child. I knew I always wanted kids close in age because of that, but about eight months ago, I started to feel like we were “forgetting” to have kids. That sounds crazy, I know. I really can’t explain it any other way. We were just swamped with two toddlers, and it wasn’t something we had revisited.

We were not not trying for the last eight months, but we were not actively trying if that makes sense. We decided to start actively trying and tracking again just a month before COVID hit, and the quarantine began. The day the official quarantine began, we decided to put it all on hold. I knew we had one month to get pregnant for our kids to be two years apart in school potentially, but I knew it was the right decision at the time.

A few weeks passed, and I was so exhausted. I was basically begging Ray to agree to get live-in help, and I had no clue why I was struggling so much with the lockdown. It wasn’t like me. I felt like I couldn’t function. Honestly, being pregnant didn’t cross my mind. I started feeling anxious and sick; I had pretty bad chills. I thought I should take a test, and if I’m not pregnant, I hope I don’t have COVID. The world is in such a crazy state, and at that time, I didn’t even want to go into a CVS to buy a pregnancy test.

On Thursday, April 2nd, I found an old one pregnancy test in our closet and a few minutes later…yup pregnant with number three, I was in shock. I texted Ray immediately, and he was in shock as well. I had no help at the time (obviously), not even enough to get to the doctor.

At that time, we decided to have Babs come quarantine with us, and by US, I mean BABS decided to immediately come over and quarantine with us for a little to help me get through the next few weeks with nausea a visit the doctor. On, May 1st, I had our first ultrasound to confirm a heartbeat. This pregnancy has looked different in almost every possible way, but not a minute goes by that we have not felt so lucky to be blessed with an abundant amount of light, during such a dark time.

more to come.


Mrs. Nipple

We are PREGNANT!!!!

July 13, 2020