hi! It’s Babs. I just want to wish everyone a Happy Mother’s Day. I know this is such a strange time and it’s nothing anyone has ever experienced. I just want to remind you, all your kids need is YOU. You are doing such a great job. I know it’s not easy, but just be with them. That will be enough. Happy Mother’s Day.



My mom and I thought it would be fun to pick a few brands we love that screamed spring + summer. We both picked things out for each other and did a little reveal. When this is all over we will take some fun pictures.


Persifor does prints like no one else. There is not a print from this collection I don’t love. I’m personally not a traditional “print person” other than stripes but Persifor takes these fun bold prints and they almost still feel like a neutral. I can’t explain it!

our picks

This is the shirt I picked for Babs. I also want one 🙂 I’m sure she will pair it with white jeans and one of her new visors.

I gave Babs four choices and she picked this for me! I’ve had my eye on this forever. It comes in four colors and I love the details on the straps. Perfect for spring right into summer. I’ll pair with a jean jacket and white sneakers for summer nights.


Love that this brand is so multi-generational! I could see my self wearing things and Babs would also look great in.

our picks

I think these look so cute together. Another one of my favorites for spring. When I saw this top and jacket the combo screamed Babs for sure! Again thinking white jeans with this outfit and a pair of cute flats.

I gave Babs a few of my top picks and I’m not surprised she went with this. I love the twist Tyler Boe put on a classic eye lit top with the details on the sleeves. perfect for spring with white jeans and summer with shorts.

Hat Attack

These were all my top picks for bags and when I sent them to Babs she said she couldn’t pick just one 🙂 So these are all of our picks. Her favorite is the crochet bag and it’s at the top of my list as well…but I honestly can’t pick just one.

I’m a hat person. It’s the one accessory I can not live without. I’ve always loved hats but when I became a mom it became the perfect grab and go accessory. Finding time to get ready gets a little harder with every kid. Being able to put my hair in a low bun and throw on a hat and sunnies during the summer is priceless.

Bab’s looks great in visors so I naturally picked these two visors. I’m sure I’ll steal them. I also added in two other hats. The one with the black marks is fun and unexpected and I love the hat with the straps. I can see Babs gardening in this and also wearing it around town (also comes with black straps).

April 29, 2020