Baby monitors have come such a long way, as my own mother reminds me every time she comes over to our house and wants to check on her sleeping granddaughter. While two-way audio monitors can still be useful in certain situations (such as travel), there are now what feels like thousands of baby monitors with tons of bells & whistles. These four monitors have been hand-picked by the Mrs. Nipple community and are beloved by many moms for the peace of mind they provide. 

Cocoon Cam

Here’s the deal: CocoonCam was started in Silicon Valley as a start-up founded by a Tesla employee. He loved the idea of using the type of computer vision they were using for self-driving cars in his home. Once he had his daughter he left Tesla and focused on creating smarter baby monitors to give parents peace of mind. CocoonCam is HSA & FSA approved. It provides high quality video, night vision, real-time breathing monitoring, 2-way audio and sleep analytics.

Price: $149.99

Love it: The biggest selling point for CocoonCam is the fact that it offers real-time breathing monitoring without any wearables or requiring something you have to slide under the mattress! It also has a crying alert, and heat vision video mode which shows movement of your little one. It’s also very easy to share or remove access to other, for example, a babysitter or nanny.

Not so much: It is app based, so if you want to have the audio monitoring on in the background of your phone you cannot use your phone for any other audio application. It also does not have integration with Alexa or Google Home Hubs. 

What are moms saying?: “I used to zoom in constantly on my old black and white monitor, trying to see if I could tell that my daughter was breathing. The breathing monitor on the CocoonCam has been amazing with our second child and has helped manage my anxiety around SIDS” - Erin 

“As a first-time mom, I can't tell you how many times I would wake up to check if my son was still breathing--or pause a movie to go check on him for the same reason. Now I can check on him from anywhere, even at work! No more accidentally waking him up while trying to check on him, no more pausing movies every ten minutes, and no more hassle! It even keeps track of when he wakes up and falls asleep, which is a life saver for when I am too tired to remember anything. I could go on and on about it's features that make life so much easier.” - Kierstyn

Bottomline: If you are constantly waking up or peeking on your little one to make sure they are still breathing this is the camera for you.

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Here’s the deal: Designed by parents who are worriers by parents who are worriers. The Lollipop Baby Cam is not only a great camera with a lot of great features, it is also super portable and provides a secure connection over WiFi which is hard to find. It has night vision, cry detection, is able to integrate with Alexa, and can also act as a sound machine. It’s unique design allows it to be mounted in a variety of different locations which is extremely helpful to transition from newborn to toddler, and if you travel! 

Price: $149

Love it: The privacy mode for WiFi is an amazing feature. You hear horror stories about strangers getting connected to a WiFi network and talking to kids through baby monitors, this feature can set that fear to rest. The video quality is also amazing! It records 30 second clips when the baby cries and makes it easy to track how many times you have to wake to feed or soothe your kiddos. 
Not so much: If you don’t personalize the sensitivity to the background noise on the app you can be overwhelmed with alerts. The app has also been problematic for some parents, which is a huge problem if you can’t get it to work and you’re relying on it to monitor your sleeping little ones. 

What are moms saying?: “I love the noisemaker and lullaby feature. Especially for traveling. There are so many different options from blow dryers to Mozart. If Ford wakes up from a nap early I put one of the options on and he drifts back to sleep.” - Liz

Bottomline: A great option for something that provides flexibility with mounting, a lot of high-end features at a good price and provides a secure private connection to the mobile app which can be hard to find!

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Here’s the deal: Nanit has partnered with everyone from engineers, parents, and pediatricians, to sleep researchers to develop their baby monitor. The Nanit Plus monitor was recognized by Time as one of the “Best Inventions of 2018.” The camera can either be wall mounted or mounted to a floor stand. It has two-way audio and a motion sensor which will alert you to any crying or movement. It also has a great app which can provide sleep insights (though a subscription is required). You can also monitor the rooms temperature and humidity! There is the option to purchase a breathing band or breathing swaddle which can then give you access to a real-time breathing monitor.

Price: $299+

Love it: The video is extremely clear and the built in dimming night-light is very helpful with the night vision. The app design is really intuitive and the insights have proven to be very accurate. This camera is super popular with the tech savvy/smart home guru dads!

Not so much: If you want to use this for travel and you want to connect to something like a hotel WiFi you need to buy a wireless travel router. You only get access to the great sleep insights with a monthly/yearly subscription, without that some of the features of the camera and app are unavailable to you.

What are moms saying?: “I love how clear the picture is! The stand is an aerial view so you get a clear view into the crib. I also used the insights to understand how many hours the baby sleeps and how long it took for him to go to sleep for the first year which was really helpful.” - Laura

Bottomline: More spendy with additional expense for add ons, but a great option if purchase the subscription and utilize the insights to help improve everyone’s sleep. 

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Here’s the deal: Owlet was founded by four dads who wanted to create a safer world for infants and a better quality of life for parents who were worrying about their sleeping children. They also have founded foundations to provide Owlet socks to families in need. The Owlet sock is a miniaturized infant pulse oximeter. The sock wraps around the babies foot and monitors heart rate and oxygen levels. It sends data to a base which glows green when everything is ok. If a change is recorded or the baby is in distress the base will turn red and let out an alarm sound. An additional camera add-on has been launched recently. The camera integrates with the sock and provides night vision, two-way audio, background audio, and room temperature monitoring. 

Price: $299+

Love it: It provides peace of mind, especially for those parents who know their children have potential heart conditions or that were in the NICU for breathing problems. There are so many stories of parents using this sock and being notified of problems that could have been potentially life-threatening.

Not so much: If you don’t get the sock on just right the alarm can go off with false alarms. This annoyed some parents, but others felt that it was a manageable inconvenience because if the alarms are ever right it could save their child’s life. 
What are moms saying?: “My son was in the NICU for his first 19 days of life and I’m so incredibly grateful for the Owlet! It helped me keep my sanity and still does! Knowing my little man’s sats are good allows me to actually sleep at night!! I even bought one for my parents so they can use it when he is at their house.” - Jules

Bottomline: This is an amazing invention. If you have anxiety surrounding SIDS or if your child has any sort of respiratory illness this can provide a massive relief to anxiety, knowing that you can help identify unseen warning signs and seek medical treatment, think of it as an early warning system! 
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