I used to think all wipes are the same. Then I had kids and learned not all wipes are created equal. Once you have kids you learn that wipes are for much more than wiping your baby’s tush. You will find yourself wiping every inch of your baby with these things, you will keep them in every bag, and in your car. If you are like me you will wipe down the counter and in a pinch, wipe your own booty or perhaps take off your makeup with a baby wipe.

So I know, you know, we all know, baby wipes are essential and people have strong opinions about their favorite brand. The ingredients used are, of course, so important - baby’s most sensitive parts will be exposed to this stuff several times a day from the day they are born. The “wetness” factor is also important, you do not want a sopping wet wipe but a dry wipe is the worst. Then there is grip, thickness and feel. I personally prefer a thinner wipe that is soft while some other prefer a thick wipe and some texture. A lot of this will be personal preference but we are here to serve up the truth when it comes to the best options for all your wiping needs. And parents do a whole lot of wiping! Every wipe on this list is chemical and fragrance-free and each contain somewhere between 0 to 2 known skin irritants. Please keep in mind a known skin irritant will not necessarily irritate all tushies. Keep in mind, none of these wipes are flushable!