A piece of advice I received when I first got pregnant was to get a stroller that could eventually convert to a double and accommodate a ride-along board if possible! Well, I did not listen, got a single stroller, then eventually broke down and purchased a convertible double a month after having our second daughter. Don’t be like me and save yourself the frustration and listen to the person that gave me the advice I ignored! There are so many great options for convertible strollers now, but these three are the most recommended by the Mrs. Nipple writers and community.

Here’s the deal: The Uppababy Vista was by far the #1 most recommended convertible strollers from all of the moms we reached out to, plus most of the team Mrs. Nipple contributors! It’s so versatile. The Vista bundle comes with a toddler seat and a bassinet, has a lightweight aluminum frame, and stylish high-end touches like leather wrapped handles and toddler seat bars. It also comes in a variety of colors. The frame is compatible with the Mesa car seat and adapters are available for most other infant seats. With top and bottom adapters, the piggy back, and the rumble seat you can configure this stroller in 16 different ways.

Weight: 19.3 lb frame; 26.6 lb frame + 1 seat

Price: $899.99+

Love it: SO MUCH FLEXIBILITY! You can seriously put this stroller together to serve your needs in whatever situation you may find yourself in. It also drives so smoothly and has a huge storage basket. All seats and the bassinet have a UPF 50+ sun shade and come with rain shields. 

Not so much: All add-ons are an added cost, including a variety of adapters, so it can add up if you want to have the most flexibility with this stroller.

What are moms saying?: “At least once a month I comment on how happy I am that I bought this convertible stroller and upgraded from a single when I had my second. I am able to do so many more things and I am never worried about getting out and about with two kids because this stroller is so flexible!” - Erin 

Bottomline: If you want the most flexibility in a stroller that is also stylish and can accommodate up to three kids, this is the one for you! 

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UppaBaby Vista + Adapters