Diaper bags

I love me some diaper bags. My husband might call me a hoarder of them. He certainly did not understand WHY I would need a new diaper bag when our second baby came…especially since I already had at least four different diaper bags by his count. Well, all diaper bags are not created equal and it had been at least a year since I had gotten the one I was using. Plus, I got that one for use with a toddler and now we needed it for MORE! Needless to say, I like bags, and I also like bags that aren’t the “traditional” diaper bag, so the fact that there are so many great trendy and functional diaper offerings out there is amazing!  

These diaper bags all come highly recommended from the Mrs. Nipple community of moms. I didn’t just look at what the company said about each bag - I polled the other Mrs. Nipple contributors, looked at other reviews written by real moms, and gathered feedback from moms I know who use these everyday.

freshly picked classic diaper bag

Here’s the deal: Started by mom Susan Petersen in her kitchen back in 2009 as a children’s shoe company making soft sole moccasins that stay on little feet. They’ve expanded into making vegan leather diaper bags for every kind of mom situation you may find yourself in. All bags are fully wipeable for easy cleaning. The classic diaper bag has ten pockets for lots of storage, including one insulated pocket for keeping milk cool, and is wearable as a backpack, crossbody or a purse. Up to 15 colors available depending on the style. 

Material: Vegan Leather and metal finishes

Price: $59 - $175

Love it: It has great, high-end materials and finishes, and they offer so many options for whatever your diaper bag needs may be! The classic bag offers plenty of space to carry the essentials for 2+ kids, and the multiple pockets make it easy to keep the bag organized. The crossbody is great for travel or for when you don’t want to look like you’re carrying a diaper bag but need to keep the bare minimum diaper needs with you.

Not so much: The straps on the Classic bag are not very comfortable if you’re wearing it for longer periods of time and it’s pretty big! The Mini bag is really only useful for a quick trip and one child’s essentials but not as an all day/everyday diaper bag. 

What are moms saying?: “It’s held up great between two kids and has enough space to keep all of their things close but doesn’t feel overly full! I also use the mini backpack when I just have one kiddo or am running errands solo. They also have great customer service” - Laura; mom of 2
“I love the Mini backpack for when I go to the gym and my little one goes in to the gym daycare. I can fit just what they need for her for the short time she will be in there!” - Erin 

Bottomline: Moms will definitely be able to find a diaper bag that fits their style and needs in Freshly Picked’s variety of functional options! 

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mz wallace + custom inserts

Here’s the deal: MZ Wallace was founded in NYC in 2000 by 2 women committed to designing beautiful and long lasting apparel and accessories. MZ Wallace is the option we heard a ton about as a non-diaper bag option that is easily transitioned into a diaper bag. The most popular styles to use as diaper totes are the Medium and Large Metro Totes but there are so many options! The moms we talked to all recommended finding a diaper insert to keep your child's things organized. There are a ton of these types of options available on Etsy or ToteSavvy.

Material: Quilted Nylon 

Price: $225+

Love it: It’s a great run-around tote. Lightweight, easy to clean, and it’s super easy to grab a pre-packed insert and throw it into your “diaper bag” when you need it.  
Not so much: It’s not a true diaper bag so it doesn’t have any of the features you would find in a traditional diaper bag if that is something you are looking for.  

What are moms saying?: “I used to carry a diaper bag and a handbag, but it was just too much on me to carry daily. I love my MZ Wallace because it is lightweight and fashionable and big enough to carry everything I need.” - Ceta 
“I love that I can use it as my everyday bag once I don’t need to use it as a diaper bag anymore. Plus, it doesn’t look like a diaper bag!” - Kelsey

Bottomline: A great option as a non-diaper bag that can easily be converted into a diaper bag when needed. Popular for a working mom who doesn’t want to pack 2 separate bags for herself and her little ones.

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Here’s the deal: The Happ Diaper bag was started in Los Angeles with the new multitasking millennial mom in mind. The diaper backpack is super stylish and has space for everything a mom on the run may need. It has four interior pockets with some additional zippered compartments and exterior quick-access pockets for a total of nine different storage compartments. It comes with an additional strap if you prefer to wear it messenger style, however, the diaper pad is sold separately.

Material: Nylon 

Price: $179

Love it: It looks so chic. It has been compared to a bag that looks like it could be a Stella McCartney x Adidas design. It has a unique texture, is lightweight, and comes in three beautiful colors. The company also offers additional styles and options like a mini diaper bag and purse style diaper bags, all of which are equally as chic as the backpack.

Not so much: It is really wide for a backpack. Moms have had trouble getting it to fit in the bottom part of their strollers, even ones with pretty large storage areas. The width can also look awkward and unflattering when wearing it as a backpack. Diaper changing pad is sold separately. The opening is on the front vs. top so it can be difficult to open without spilling things.

What are moms saying?: “I have the black and have received several compliments on the street. It doesn’t scream diaper bag and could probably be repurposed as a gym bag when I’m done with it.” - Lauren

Bottomline: This is a great diaper bag with a chic, athleisure aesthetic. It may be better for an older child when you don’t need to haul as much with you due to the overall operation of the flaps/zippers.

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