diaper pails

Like it or not, diapers are going to be a part of your life for the foreseeable future. Regardless of if you use cloth or disposable diapers, everyone needs a place to contain the hundreds of diapers you will be going through, and more importantly, the smell! Steel is the most popular way to keep smells contained but can be more expensive than a standard plastic pail. Luckily, there are also some great non-metal options that are great at keeping smells at bay and not absorbing any stink in the long run.  


Here’s the deal: Dekor was created as an alternative to more expensive steel garbage cans without sacrificing any of the odor trapping they are known for. ABS is a specially engineered closed-cell plastic designed not to absorb odors and to be color-fade resistant. It comes in three sizes, the largest size holds up to 60 newborn diapers. You can use a normal kitchen bag but you can also use their specialized refills. 

Material: ABS Plastic

Price: $25 - $45

Love it: It has a trap door opening, so you can easily use the foot pedal to lift the lid and then the weight of the diaper will open the trap door when you drop it on it, quickly re-sealing so minimal odors get the chance to escape. It’s also super easy to clean.

Not so much: The plastic eventually starts to smell (after 12-18 months). If you change it regularly and clean the exterior of the pail it will help with this issue, though! It’s not super stylish, but still inconspicuous.

What are moms saying?: “I’m a mom to four boys, two of whom are still in diapers. I’ve been looking for an easy pail that kept the smell in but was about as simple to use as an open trash can. I’ve had the Dekor Plus diaper pail for about a month now and it’s filled all of my requirements. My diapered boys are almost 2 and 4 so we’re dealing with the serious smells here and I’ve had this pail full of dirty diapers and my bathroom door open and I couldn’t tell at all.” - Alexa 

Bottomline: A really reasonable price for a great garbage can that traps odors.

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Here’s the deal: The Bubula diaper pail is made from steel and aluminum with air tight seals. The metal frame is designed so that it doesn’t absorb odors, and the air tight seals lock in any unfortunate smells. It uses standard size garbage liners, which makes it easy to convert to an everyday garbage can when it’s no longer needed for its diaper duties.

Material: Steel & Aluminum 

Price: $89.99+

Love it: The lid has a safety lock which comes in handy to keep curious hands out of the can. You don’t need to buy any special special bags, any 13 gallon garbage bag will work. They are stylish and the air tight seal really works at keeping any stinky smells trapped.

Not so much: Several parents have had issues with the lids breaking after a few months of use. The customer service is great but for a spendy can it’s inconvenient when it doesn’t hold up.

What are moms saying?: “We are really happy with this diaper pail. Our daughter is now six months old so we're starting to experience solid food diapers and it still does a great job of containing the smell. It's easy to use and the ability to use regular bags is great.
We have had a couple issues with the lid breaking or malfunctioning, but in both cases I simply reached out to the company and they sent me a replacement. They are so quick to respond (within an hour both times) and have amazing customer service.” - Anna

Bottomline: A little spendy but keeps the stink away and has fabulous customer service if you run into any issues. 

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