You have 32 cups and about 27 tops and then, of course, like, 22 straws floating around in a drawer in your kitchen, don’t you? How did we get so many different childrens drinking vessels? Where have the tops gone? Does my dishwasher eat straws? These are questions I cannot answer. I have, however, rounded up the best (non-straw) cups for your kiddos. We all want to simplify our lives, let’s begin here with the cups in that drawer!

The cups we chose are unique, each with different features and benefits. It’s up to you to decide which cup is best for your little ones but at least we narrowed it down, right? As always, these are the cups moms like you are giving their little ones day in and day out. These are the products that we know work well and stand the test of time...and the test of being hurdled across the backseat of your mom mobile. All of these products have undergone safety testing that meet or exceed the standards required in the U.S. 

Here’s the deal: The lauded Norweigen company Stokke has just released a tableware set and it is gorgeous. While it is still new to the market and somewhat challenging to find for purchase, we foresee in the coming months that it will become readily available. The ergonomically designed cup is easy for children to hold, and encourages self-feeding. As with all Stokke products, this cup’s simple design is the most aesthetically pleasing.

Material: High-quality, food grade silicone. 

Price: Sets range from $29 - $69. Right now, the cup is not available for purchase on its own, it must be purchased within a set. The price will depend on the set you choose.

Love it: With a removable sippy top it is perfect to transition from a bottle to open cup drinking. Beautiful. Strong and durable, great for outdoor use. Non-slip base and weighted bottom minimizes spills. Holds the right amount for tiny tummies. Microwave and dishwasher safe for hassle-free heating and cleaning. Silicone does not corrode or wear.

Not so much: On the pricier side, cannot be purchased as a stand alone item at this time, sippy top is not recommended by American Association of Pediatrics after the age of 1.

What are moms saying?: “It’s so good - a 10! It never spills even after it drops, easy to hold, just the right size and super well made.” - Liz A.

Bottomline: This cup is super promising, and looks to be our go to choice once it becomes more easily accessible.

Where can I find it? Sets are currently being sold on Amazon and at Nordstrom. 

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Stokke Munch Cup

Here’s the deal: Your kid can’t drink out of a cup with a top forever so at some point, you’ve got to introduce an open cup. This kind of cup is best introduced and practiced at home with no time constraints. This is not the cup for when you’re on the go but the best part is eventually with plenty of practice and time, little Johnny will be able to drink from any cup at all...or at least that’s what ezpz says! So the designers created this cup to fit perfectly in baby’s hands and mouth. The material is soft yet non slip, protecting teeth and minimizing spills. A weight base and tactile bumps further minimize spills and the interior angle helps the water flow at an appropriate rate for our littlest ones.

Material: 100% food grade silicone

Price: $9.99

Love it: Designed to minimize spills and created to help the water flow at a comfortable rate, dishwasher safe, silicone does not corrode or wear the way other, designed to support oral and speech development, appealing design with an array of color choices, simplicity at it’s finest - no parts to lose!

Not so much: This is not your on the go cup and probably not your cup for when you don’t feel like being hands on, your kid is going to spill their water with an open cup there is no way around it, some moms report the silicone smell is too strong.

What are moms saying?: “I loved using this as a cup to help my son learn how to drink from a regular cup. Having the practice at home means when we are on the go, he can drink from most any cup, with a little help!” - Beth T.

Bottomline: You are not taking this on the go but when you’re ready to work on drinking from an open cup, this is the best place to start!

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The ezpz Tiny Cup

Here’s the deal: In 2011, this family run company that has been around for 32 years, launched their line of affordable, durable, sustainable tableware. All products are made from recycled plastic milk jugs and come in a variety of sizes, configurations and colors. They are safe for kids and great for the environment, plus they claim to be virtually indestructible. They are sold in many grocery stores at affordable prices making them extremely accessible. These are your classic spout sippy cup.

Material: All products are made from FDA approved sustainable HDPE recycled plastic or recycled polypropylene.

Price: starting at $4.50

Love it: Much like their other products: extremely affordable, positive impact on the environment, super durable and dishwasher safe. Can be used with their straw cup lid if you prefer. Won’t spill with the no-spill valve, can order replacement parts as needed. Can remove top and use it as open cup if you wish.

Not so much: Does come with a cup, valve and lid - more parts to lose. While they have been tested for the microwave, the brand’s website warns it is not recommended to microwave these products. Sippy top is not recommended by American Association of Pediatrics after the age of 1.

What are moms saying?: “We are constantly losing cups and parts in my house, I don’t worry about these though because they price cannot be beat.” - Sarina A.

Bottomline: If you want a low cost, super durable sippy cup with a sippy spout, this is our recommendation.

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Re-Play Recycled No-Spill
Sippy Cup