When you’re pregnant everyone tells you that kids grow up so quickly, so get all the snuggles while you can. Yes, this is true but we are here to lay the truth on ya...sometimes you’re gonna want to plop that baby down to make a cup of coffee or run to the loo. Enter the infant seat/swing, where the options seem limitless. You will find a vast range of prices, sizes, and features. It can be really hard to know which one will be right for your baby before you meet him or her. Though one thing is for sure, you will need a swing to get you through those early months. A swing is a safe spot to secure your baby when you need a hot sec to just not hold the baby. So which one should you buy?

We talked to our tribe and got all the details, the good, the bad, and the ugly. We weeded out the swings that aren’t worth your time and have four of the best options out there. While we recommend each of these swings, we do encourage you to think about your specific needs and preferences. Each mom and baby are different! As always, all of the products we recommend here have undergone safety testing that meet and often exceed the standards required in the U.S.