Moms today are willing to do pretty much anything in the name of sleep. When someone told me that a sound machine would help my newborn sleep longer stretches I hopped right on the white noise bandwagon and haven’t looked back. Sound machines are a really great sleep cue for our little ones and really do a good job making any external noises that might wake a sleeping baby.  

What you may not know is that all white noise is not created equal. It isn’t just a recording of ocean waves or rain sounds. True white noise is is a collection of sounds that have the same audible range and frequency. This is why when you download a free “white noise” app on your iPhone it sounds kind of tinny and almost flat. True white noise has a depth to it and once you know the real stuff you’ll pick out the fake stuff with no problem at all. Many companies will tout that white noise that is made from a real fan is the best.

As it is with all baby gear these days, there are a boatload of choices. Many of the Mrs. Nipple community mamas have tried at least two or three different ones and we don’t want that for you, girl. We took the time to compile our personal experiences with sound machines and are here to deliver the details to you. No time or money wasted, go straight for the best of the best! Wishing you long, cozy, peaceful, uninterrupted nights of zzz’s for you and your whole family. 

hatch rest

Here’s the deal: This is fairly new to the market offering an all-in-one solution for bedtime for kids of all ages. It can be used from the first day you come home from the hospital all the way into childhood. Offering 11 different recorded sound options, 10 colored light options, and the ability to save the preferences, the Hatch is completely customizable to your needs. It can be controlled completely from your smartphone. The Hatch also has “okay to wake” functionality which is really useful when training independent toddlers to stay in bed until a reasonable hour. 

Price: Hatch Rest $59.99 or the new Hatch Rest+ $89.99

Love it: Controlled from your smartphone. Easy turn on and off with a little tap to the top of the device. Night light dimming function is useful for overnight changes during the early days. Truly all-in-one. Sleek, clean design. Very lightweight.

Not so much: The white noise isn’t quite as intense as some other sound machines, the noise is recorded and is not created by a fan like some other machines. Must be plugged in.

What are moms saying?: “I love the simplicity of it so it can grow with your child. All of the controls are hidden so it gives a nice, clean look.” -- Amy M.
Bottomline: If you want one device to meet all your kids bedtime needs, this is a great choice. For all the functionality it provides, the price is quite accessible. 

NOTE: Hatch recently came out with an upgraded version of the Hatch called Hatch+. We did not directly test this product but based on our research, it levels up in functioning including clock, Wifi, audio monitor, backup battery, and can be controlled by Alexa.

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