I’m just a girl standing in front of a straw cup asking it not to leak. If you’re reading this, you already know...they all leak. The real goal is to track down the straw cup that leaks the very least. You have been there and we’ve been there too--the bottom of your diaper bag is soaked in water because the damn cup leaked again. We did the legwork for you and put all the straw cups to the test. We looked for cups that were easy to clean, safe to drink from, and of course, durable AF. They have undergone crash testing. Yes, our children have rocketed nearly all of these products across the kitchen. 

As always, all of the products we recommend here have undergone safety testing that meet and often exceed the standards required in the U.S. We have included four of the very best straw cups for your kiddo’s to use and abuse day in and day out. As a bonus, there is a very special teaching tool for when you first introduce the straw cup to your infant!

Here’s the deal: Pediatricians and occupational therapists agree after children transition from bottles, straw cups are the gold standard and sippy cups are really not useful and in fact, are bad for the children’s soft palate (no judgement mamas, we all have sippy cups in the cabinet). Teaching little ones from a straw cup can be really tricky. I have had so many friends ask how I got my kids to drink from a straw. Enter the Honey Bear - the go-to therapy cup! This cup was originally designed as a therapeutic tool and was used by speech and feeding therapists (and still is) but then it was discovered as a really quite effective for younger children!

How to use: The cup looks like a honey bear and its soft enough to squeeze. You will put a small amount of water in the cup, hold the straw up to baby’s mouth, squeeze the bear’s belly so that a bit of water squirts into baby’s mouth. Do this 1-2 times a day and don’t give up. This will help baby understand how straws work.

Material: Low-density polyethylene (LDPE)

Price: $7.99

Love it: This cup with teach your child how straws work and once they get the hang of it, your little one will be able to drink from any straw!
Not so much: This is a tool to teach children to drink from straws. It leaks and the straw can be pulled out. It is not your everyday cup. Not dishwasher or microwave safe.

What are moms saying?: “Darn, this thing really works!” - Jillian D.

Bottomline: You need this cup. That’s all.

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Talk Tools The Original
Honey Bear