“Ladies and Gentlemen of the class of '99
Wear Sunscreen
If I could offer you only one tip for the future,
Sunscreen would be it”
-Baz Luhrmann

We all remember these lyrics but many of us still forget to wear sunscreen. Let’s be better with our kids and provide the best protection now since we all know the effects of sun damage. With all the sunscreens now on the market, it can be overwhelming trying to choose. We’ve removed all of the guessing and offer the top four sunscreens used by moms!  

Sunscreens are made with either chemical sun blockers or physical ones. Each works differently to do the same thing. Chemical sunscreen absorbs into the skin and then absorbs UV rays, converts the rays into heat, and releases them from the body. The active ingredients in chemical sunscreens include avobenzone, octinoxate and oxybenzone. Physical sunblock sits on top of the skin and reflect the sun’s rays. The minerals titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are the main active ingredients in physical blocks.

Whether you choose physical or chemical SPF, there are several things to look for on the label. The cosmetic industry is still highly unregulated. The best regulation will come from us, the consumers, by selecting the best solutions. As always, sunscreen should not be your only line of defense. You and your child should wear protective clothing and limit your time in the direct sun.