There is so much to consider when feeding your child, so it comes as no surprise that tableware is no different. The options seem to be endless so we took to the streets to find out exactly which products real moms are loving and why. We interviewed dozens of moms just like you, spoke to entrepreneurs developing the product, and even had products tested by the harshest of critics...our own children.

There is a lot to take into account, but first and foremost, all of the products we recommend here have undergone safety testing that meet and often exceed the standards required in the U.S. Beyond that, each product offers different features, since what meets the eating needs of my child may not meet the needs of yours. 

Here’s the deal: Bella Tunno’s goal is to make parenting easier and more fun while offering products with a greater purpose. In 2005, Michelle Tunno Buelow began sewing bibs and burp cloths at home with the goal of helping children in need. Since then, Bella Tunno has grown but remains rooted in that original mission of helping children. The wonder bowl and plate come in a variety of bright and muted colors. The products also feature the Bella Tunno’s adorable signature phrases and puns. For example, “Give peas a chance,” or “Let’s taco ‘bout it.”

Material: 100% food grade silicone

Price: Wonder plate - $22, Wonder Bowl - $18

Love it: Mom run small business. One-for-one, each product purchased provides a meal for a child in need. Bowls and plates suction to most surfaces to prevent spills. The suction release tab is harder for little fingers to get to than the typical suction tableware. Dishwasher safe. Fits most highchair trays.

Not so much: These plates are on the larger side so may be cumbersome for the littlest ones. No suction is completely childproof, this one is good but it’s not perfect (from what we can tell, a 100% child-proof suction plate does not exist!). Only the more expensive end.

What are moms saying?: “We have loads of plates in the cabinet, [but] these are the ones I always find myself grabbing. The suction is strong, the depth and overall size of the bowls are perfect for my toddler. Plus they are totally cute!” - Emily K.

Bottomline: These are one of the best all around dishes that will grow with your kids. While they are not the least expensive, the quality is there.

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bella Tunno

Here’s the deal: Love Mae, a company based down under out of Byron Bay, is passionate about creating the safest products both for children and for the planet. Love Mae refers to plastic dinnerware as “environmental and toxic disasters!” Love Mae offers a variety of plates, bowls, and other dinnerware. The plates come in a variety of configurations and the designs are playful and whimsical.

Material: 100% plant-based (bamboo & corn)

Price: 5 piece sets begin at $39

Love it: Biodegradable and as environmentally conscious as it gets. Dishwasher safe. Claim to be the safest material on the market. Divided plate offers five sections. Option of suction or not as all sets come with suction attachment. 

Not so much: They tend to chip and can break though this should be expected with any kind of biodegradable product. The priciest option. Single items do not include suction attachment. Five divided sections could overwhelm some children. Can really only be found on the Love Mae website and with that comes a hefty shipping fee.

What are moms saying?: “We have a lot of dinnerware but Love Mae is my favorite. The dinner plate has a ton of compartments, more so than the standard, and it’s all adorable” - Ashley

Bottomline: These products stand out because they don’t look like most of the product that is currently making up the market. Love Mae offers fun and unique designs. This is the pick for the most environmentally conscious mamas! Though keep in mind they are on the pricier side and can be harder to locate in stores than other brands.

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Love Mae Eco Dinnerware