hospital bag

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BABY & BABY PRODUCTS  I thought this would be a fun take on the Us Weekly series, What’s in my bag? CHARLES EVERETT : WHAT’S IN MY BAG?  Bourdreaux’s Natural Butt Paste® I love Bourdreaux’s Natural Butt  Paste. Not only is the consistency thick enough for great coverage but it’s not so thick you feel like […]

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HOSPITAL BAG & PREGNANCY Hospital checklist for mom You really don’t need much! I overpacked with Charlie and my hospital bag looks much different this time around. Here are my top picks: Something personal: Everything at the hospital is very sterile, something you obviously want. Though during such a personal time, it’s nice to bring something […]

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PREGNANCY & PREPERATION  Mrs. Nipple: So I met a friend on the internet 🙂 That sounds as funny as I thought it would, but she’s pretty awesome. Her name is Meg Hall and she has a great blog called, For The Long Hall. When I read her mom’s post about preparing for birth & labor, I just […]